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Political Science, B.S.

Study the past and present of domestic and international governments, legislation, and policy-making as you prepare for a career in public service, policy formation, law, and more.

The College of Arts & Sciences is no longer accepting applications for this degree program.

What You’ll Learn

The Political Science, B.S. gives you a broad understanding of history, foreign and public policy, and behavioral sciences, preparing you for careers in government, law, international service, politics, and more.

You’ll develop an appreciation for the intellectual, historical, and political accomplishments of humankind and prepare for a career demonstrating and encouraging civic and social responsibility.

Career Options

  • Foreign Service Agent
  • Historian
  • Journalist
  • Legal Assistant
  • Police
  • Speechwriter
  • Teacher

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Top-Tier Ranking

USNWR Best Colleges/Regional

New York Tech is ranked among the top 50 regional universities in the North.

How You’ll Succeed

Upon graduation from our program, you’ll have the tools, skills, and knowledge demanded by federal, state, and local governments. Because so many areas of political science require advanced education, you'll also be prepared for graduate study in a variety of disciplines in the social sciences, as well as law school.

USNWR Best Colleges/Regional

Top-Tier Ranking

New York Tech is ranked among the top 50 regional universities in the North.

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