BlackBoard Exam Converter

The Exam Converter procedures were modified in June 2019. Please review updates before using.

This exam converter allows you to use a test in Microsoft Word, and with minimal re-formatting, converts it into a file that you can upload into Blackboard to create a set of questions for use in exams and quizzes.

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Blackboard Exam Converter

1. Format your exam questions in a Word File (.docx) first.

See Sample Exam with Instructions (Word) and Sample Exam (Word).

Make sure to add the question type in front of the question text. (Ex: MC^ Question text...). Do not put the question number in front of the question text.

MC^ - Multiple Choice

MA^ - Multiple Answer

ESS^ - Essay

TF^ - True / False

MAT^ - Matching Question (*see note below)

Put an asterisk (*) directly in front of correct answers for multiple choice and multiple answer questions. For True/False questions provide only the correct answer. Please see instructions for more on how to format your word document.

*MAT Note: The converter will remove spaces between words in the answer matching section. You may edit answers in the .txt file before loading into Blackboard.

2. Paste the test (copied from the Word) into the field below.

3. When ready, click the "Convert to Blackboard Load File" button.

If you're prompted to save a text file, please do so. Some browsers may automatically download this file to your computer with the .txt extension. See Sample .txt file.

4. Login to Blackboard and create a test in your course. Then upload the converted file.

  1. Go to your course in Blackboard/Control Panel/Course Tools/Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
  2. Click either “Tests” or “Pools”. Then select "Build Test." Complete "Name," "Description," and "Instructions" sections and click "Submit."
  3. Select “Upload Questions.” Then select “Browse” and navigate to the location on your computer containing the .txt file that you saved earlier, and click “Open.” Blackboard will ask that you provide point values for the questions, which you may also change at a later time. Click “Submit.”
  4. If you are experiencing any errors when uploading your questions, please go back to step 1 and review the instructions for more on how to format your Word document.

5. Adding Your Test to a Content Area; Test Options

After you have added the test to your course you will still need to add it to the Content Area where you want the students to access it. In the Content Area, select "Assessments," then select "Test." From the list of existing tests, select the one you wish to add and click "Submit."

In Test Options, find "Make the link available" and select "Yes" so your students can access the test. Test Options gives you the ability to determine how the test will be displayed, how results will appear, and more.

Need assistance? Please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning— Noreen O'Brien (—who will be happy to work with you.

Thanks to the Web Systems group in Information Technology for creating this script!

Paste your formatted exam in this box, then click the button below the box: "Convert to Blackboard Load File"