Office workers communicating via video conference call

Points of Contact

The Office of Communications and Marketing's Point of Contact (PoC) system focuses on keeping the lines of communication open and active between C&M and its client-collaborators throughout the university. This give-and-take flow of information allows C&M to best support key initiatives and strategies, to minimize “rush” jobs, and to offer C&M's best professional guidance and support to all NYIT areas.

C&M has a designated PoC for every school and college as well as major offices and departments (listed below). Each client-collaborator has also designated its own PoC to work with their C&M partner. The principal role of the PoCs is to maintain regular contact with one another, ensuring that communication flows effectively between both offices. Still have questions? Call 646.273.6150.

Schools and Colleges

Administrative and Academic Departments

The C&M PoC actively engages with the client-collaborator PoC in order to:

  • Learn about the client-collaborator’s needs, news, and ongoing initiatives
  • Share client-collaborator information with C&M team members
  • Share C&M’s news and initiatives with the client
  • Work to anticipate client-collaborators needs
  • Strategically plan projects and avoid unnecessary surprises
  • Effectively provide the professional expertise and guidance of the C&M team

In general, the C&M PoC:

  • Meets regularly with client-collaborators to identify ongoing projects and learn of future requirements and goals
  • Informs client-collaborators of new initiatives and developments within C&M
  • Provides both client-collaborators and C&M project managers with a “go-to” resources to help mitigate challenges and issues
  • Understands the real needs of the clients, and does not represent C&M as an “order taker”
  • Relays client-collaborators’ needs to the appropriate individual or department within C&M and follows up with the client

The client-collaborator PoC:

  • Is designated by the school/college/office leadership (Dean, VP, etc.) as the sole liaison between their area and C&M
  • Gathers news and needs from their area’s departments and leadership
  • Meets regularly and communicates news and needs with their C&M PoC
  • Is the funnel between their area and any C&M project