Global Tuition & Fees

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NYIT-Abu Dhabi, undergraduate students starting after fall 2017 per credit $545
NYIT-Abu Dhabi, continuing undergraduate students per credit $530
NYIT-Abu Dhabi, graduate students starting after fall 2017 per credit $755
NYIT-Abu Dhabi, continuing graduate students per credit $730
College fee for Abu Dhabi Architecture and Design or Engineering and Computing Sciences students, per semester $200
College fee for Abu Dhabi non-Architecture and Design or non-Engineering and Computing Sciences students, per semester $100
NYIT-China, JUFE MBA per credit $557
Late payment fee for tuition due on August 1; payment made after August 1 $390
Late payment fee for tuition due on January 1; payment made after January 1 $390
Late registration fee (all programs) $390**
EduPlus fee (valid for one semester only) $1,000
Rematriculation fee $55
Challenge examination fee, per course $150
Comprehensive examination fee (CLEP, DANTES), per course $75
Transcript (certified check, credit card, bank check, money order only; no personal checks) $10
Lost Student ID Fee $15
Duplicate Diploma $80
Diploma Mailing Fee $35
Student evaluation (Occupational Education only) $50
Application fee $50
Tuition Insurance, A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. Varies
Comprehensive oral exam (M.B.A. course) $250
Maintaining matriculation, per semester (graduate students) $100
Prior learning evaluation fee (per credit) $300
Service charge for unpaid check or credit card returns $125
Credit transfer fee for approved courses taken at other colleges while matriculated at New York Tech, per credit $250
**Returning students may register during registration periods up to the first day of the fall or spring term without penalty. Late registration fees will apply to all returning students thereafter.

Schedule of Payments

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New York Institute of Technology reserves the right to withhold student records, including grade reports, degree verifications, transcripts, and diplomas until all financial obligations (including fees, fines, and other charges) to the college have been satisfied.

Notwithstanding anything in this catalog, New York Tech expressly reserves the right, whenever it deems it advisable in its sole discretion, to (1) change or modify its schedule of tuition and fees, and (2) withdraw, cancel, reschedule, modify, or alter the method of delivery of, any course, program of study or degree, or any requirement in connection with any of the foregoing. For more information, please contact the Office of the Bursar at 516.686.7510.

New York Tech will not be responsible for any costs or damages—including tuition or fee refunds—for any failure or delay of performance resulting from a force majeure/act of god or any other condition beyond its reasonable control. Force majeure events include but are not limited to fire, flood, natural disasters, epidemics, and government action.