Student Profile: Akil Boby

Hicksville N.Y.
B.S., Life Sciences
Year Expected to Graduate
Long Island
Student Profile: Akil Boby

Incoming SGA President Akil Boby has been a part of the New York Tech community from a very young age. He shared with The Box his aspirations and plans for the 2020-2021 academic year.

How did you find your way to New York Tech?
New York Tech always has had a special place in my heart. My father first brought me to the New York City campus when he was doing his M.B.A. there in 2005. I remember family trips when my mom, sister, and I would get ice cream and explore Columbus Circle while my dad was in class. Later on, when my sister studied at New York Tech on Long Island and worked as a summer orientation leader, I would study and play games in the basement of Wisser Library. One day, a librarian noticed I looked very young for a student. I told her my situation, and she was very helpful, keeping an eye on me and even bringing me snacks when she could!

Why did you want to run for SGA president?
I started getting involved in SGA during my freshman year. I would attend senate meetings to see what the student government was about. I learned early on how the executive board responds to students’ concerns. I wanted to do my part, so when my first year ended, I ran for secretary and won. Through my role as secretary, I came to love representing the student body and serving as a bridge between the staff and my peers.

What would you like to do as president next year?
One concern I often hear from students is that there are not many activities outside of class. Initially I believed this. However, as I expanded my horizons, I realized that this couldn't be further from the truth! There are many clubs and organizations catering to all cultures, hobbies, and interests. My desire as president is to encourage students to find these opportunities. My message for both current and incoming students is that a fulfilling college experience involves merging our education with our outside interests.

Tell about a mentor or an experience at New York Tech that has had a lasting impact on you.
Working closely with amazing staff members in the Student Engagement Office has been one of my most fruitful opportunities at New York Tech. My supervisor, Diandra Macias, has played a major role in my growth as a leader, helping me to develop my strengths and realize some of my weaknesses.

How can you serve as the students’ voice in the areas they care most about?
I think what really excites students, including me, are the amazing events that New York Tech hosts. Starting in September with the Student Welcome Back Barbecue, to Homecoming, the monthly CPB Bingo, the annual Relay for Life, and ending with Mayfest, these events really foster an atmosphere of comradery and community. Having seen up close the hard work and time the Engagement Office dedicates to the student experience really inspires me to continue with this mission as SGA president.

How do you think this leadership role will help prepare you for the future you seek?
My goal is to become an orthopedic surgeon. I shadowed an orthopedic surgeon last summer, and she helped me realize the importance of leadership within a surgical team. I watched her communicate with her team and organize their environment before surgeries, making sure all necessary prior steps had been completed and that the team was ready. Effective communication, dedication to accomplishing a goal, and the ability to preserve a calm environment in high-stress situations are some of the qualities I believe a good leader must possess and what I wish to exemplify during my journey as SGA president.