NYIT Assistant Professor Radoslaw Nowak and NYIT graduate student Mitali Baxi.


Video: Why Women Are Good for Business

February 20, 2018

In a Facebook Live session on February 15, Radoslaw Nowak, J.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of human resource management in NYIT School of Management, and Mitali Baxi, a graduate student majoring in human resource management and labor relations, tackled one of today’s most pressing issues: the lack of opportunities for women in the workplace and the obstacles they face to get ahead.

In their discussion, Nowak and Baxi get to the root of the issue and offer their insights on how things can change moving forward. “Discrimination is a red flag,” said Nowak. “[It shows] that the organization does not fully tap into their talent. The role of modern human resource management is to create an organizational system of practices that will enable firms to fully utilize human capital.”

Watch the video below for more of their discussion. Read Nowak’s op-ed in International Business Times.