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Video: Amanda Golden and Nada Anid Talk Women, Technology, and Art

October 12, 2017

Amanda Golden, Ph.D., assistant professor at NYIT College of Arts and Sciences, sat down with Nada Anid, Ph.D., dean of NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, to talk about the impact women have on the world during a Facebook Live session on October 4.

Golden and Anid met during Golden’s Women, Technology, and Art course to discuss a number of timely topics, including the gender wage gap, improving education among women around the world, and how NYIT is leading the way in guiding young women to succeed in the workforce.

“We have to learn from history,” said Anid. “As you know women were prohibited from going to college initially. It took thousands of years, thousands of years since the beginning of humanity for a woman to be allowed to go to college. In many countries around the world little girls are not allowed to go to school. We’ve made a lot of progress.”

But there is still more work to be done according to Anid. “They [women] were allowed to go to college and then it was even harder to study medicine or study engineering or to be accepted into these all-male domains. Here at NYIT we don’t discriminate and we are pushing young girls to enter our [engineering] program. We bring middle and high school girls on campus to Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. We’re pushing the envelope and making strides to close the gap.”

Watch the full interview.