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The New York City Campus Buzzes With Inspiration During Creative Tech Week

May 17, 2019

Did you know that anybody can design their own Snapchat face filters? Attendees at Creative Tech Week learned how to make their eyes huge and their mouths tiny, among other things, at the annual event, hosted in part by New York Institute of Technology, May 8 through 19.

The annual ten-day event is meant to bring creative technologists together to inspire and innovate through panels, talks, and workshops. Professionals from all over the country, as well as people interested in their work, were there to learn about the direction in which the industry is headed. 

Several NYIT faculty members presented, including Professor of English Kevin LaGrandeur, Ph.D., who spoke about artificial intelligence and its place in our future. Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences Aleksandr Vasilyev, Art Media Technical Director Matthew Cornelius, M.S., Associate Professor of Digital Art and Design Robert Smith, and Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences Randy Stout, Ph.D., were part of a robotics demonstration showing off some of the things machines can achieve in the creative field, and previewing NYIT’s AR/VR certificate program. Alexander Lopez, J.D., associate professor of occupational therapy, spoke about augmented reality and how it can help autistic children, and John Misak, M.A., D.A., assistant professor of English, put Hamlet into context using virtual reality.

The New York City campus was buzzing with excitement. NYIT students, faculty, and guests had the opportunity to join a community of artists, programmers, and everything in between, to create a vision for the future.

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