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News Byte: New York Tech Community Records 10,000 Hours of Service

September 29, 2020

Pictured: Student participants at the 2017 Community Engagement Day.

New York Institute of Technology has recorded 10,000 hours of volunteer service on GivePulse, marking a major milestone in community engagement.

In 2017, New York Tech adopted GivePulse, a nation-wide platform used to find volunteer opportunities and record one’s positive impact. Since then, the program has given students the resources to volunteer with flexibility around their academic schedules. Thanks to the hard work of the New York Tech community, more than 10,000 hours of service have now been recorded. The university’s collective service since 2017 can be translated into an economic impact of $285,000.

“New York Tech’s Experiential Education team offers service initiatives of all kinds, ranging from traditional volunteerism in soup kitchens to skill-based projects, such as web design or social media campaigning for our community partners,” said Luzia Ogureck, M.A., associate director of experiential education. “The program allows students to hone not only their technical skills, but also people skills that are essential to the workplace such as punctuality, critical thinking, cross-cultural competency, and much more.”

This academic year alone, students, faculty, and staff have logged 409 hours of service, equal to an economic impact of more than $11,000.

New in-person and remote volunteer opportunities are continuously added to GivePulse. Some of the ways to give back are through New York Tech’s Consultants for the Public Good, Communit Engagement Day, and service-learning classes.