Victoria Rayskin received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley, focusing on Dynamical Systems. She has been working in the fields of Banach spaces and smooth extension of maps, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems.

Jointly with Genrich Belitskii, Rayskin developed a new approach for smooth localization of maps on Banach spaces. They applied this technique for smooth linearization in a neighborhood of a fixed point—a convenient simplification of dynamical systems. Together with Boris Hasselblatt and Misha Guysinsky, Rayskin proved existence of linearization in lower classes of smoothness for maps with resonances, and later obtained some generalizations for Banach spaces (with Belitskii).

Recent Projects and Research

  • Smooth localization of maps on Linear Topological Spaces.
  • Whitney and Seeley type of Results for maps' extension on some Banach spaces.

Recent Publications

  • G. Belitskii, V. Rayskin, "A New Method of Extension of Local Maps of Banach Spaces. Applications and Examples," Contemporary Mathematics, v.733, AMS (2019)
  • V. Rayskin, "Users' traffic on two-sided Internet platforms. Qualitative dynamics," American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, 2164, 120012 (2019)
  • G. Belitskii, V. Rayskin, "New Method of Smooth Extension of Local Maps on Linear Topological Spaces. Applications and Examples," Progress on Difference Equations and Discrete Dynamical Systems. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics (2019)
  • V. Rayskin, "Modeling the Dynamics of the Internet Platform Users' Volume," SIMIODE (2018)
  • V. Rayskin, "Users' dynamics on digital platforms," Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 142 (2017)
  • V. Rayskin, "Dynamics of Two-Sided Markets," Review of Marketing Science, vol. 14, issue 1 (2016)

Professional Honors and Awards

  • Certificate of Appreciation for the SCUDEM LITE 2020 competition judging.

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • Math courses