Leslie Goldstein retired from the practice of pharmacy almost 10 years ago to pursue her dream of teaching. She received her undergraduate degree in pharmacy from the University of Washington and her doctorate in pharmacy from Idaho State University. In her pharmacology lectures and discussions, she simplifies the drugs' mechanisms and effects by breaking them down into their components and then putting the concepts back together, connecting the basic science to the therapeutic application for the benefit of the individual patient. She is also frequently invited by student clubs as a guest speaker on pharmacology.

At NYITCOM, Goldstein developed and coordinates Medical Education Methods and Research, which prepare the college's academic scholars for teaching and research in academic osteopathic medicine. She also does one-on-one mentoring of scholars interested in presenting pharmacology lectures and with students who wish to develop medical education research projects. Another of her aspirations is to contribute in making NYITCOM a top osteopathic medical school through leadership in the curriculum transformation initiative, chairing the Biomedical and Health Sciences Research Institutional Review Board, and presenting at the NYITCOM professional development series.

Goldstein lives in Nassau County with her husband, and her three children and four grandchildren live nearby. In her leisure time, she enjoys long walks and playing golf. Once a year, she returns to her roots in Seattle.

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • Pharmacology in first- and second-year medical courses in the lecture-based track and as a second-year facilitator in the problem-based learning DPC track
  • Medical Education Methods and Research course of the Academic Medicine Scholars program