Cristina Seaman, D.M., M.B.A., began her teaching career at New York Institute of Technology and Long Island University in 2010 as an adjunct professor teaching Economics and Management courses. She was then invited to teach an international course of MBA students at Adelphi University. She remained at New York Institute of Technology where she spent two years as an Associate Visiting Professor with a focus on teaching students from China and India. She continued serving on multiple forums and committees and joining the Arts and Sciences department teaching the art of service-learning as an Associate Adjunct Professor.

Before teaching Seaman owned a business for 14 years, where she handled internal and external clients, vendors, and suppliers. Her focus was on negotiation skills and finances. She remains a consultant for the company, along with additional companies she has taken on.

Seaman's interest in research projects and publishing opportunities have given her the opportunity to travel the globe. She has published nine articles since 2018 and presented at 12 different conferences in New York, California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Germany, and India, where one of her papers won a best paper award. She continues her efforts in publishing articles in the areas of consumer behavior, leadership tactics, and entrepreneurship.

Seaman has taught undergraduate and graduate courses that range in the management field from principles of management to Entrepreneurial Technology and Innovation Management, to Ethics and Social Responsibility. She also teaches for the marketing department and the arts and sciences department, which focuses on foundations of inquiry the act of service-learning, and academic-writing.

Seaman earned her Bachelor of Science from Long Island University's School of Business, her MBA in Business Administration from New York Institute of Technology, and her Doctor of Management in Organizational Behavior from the University of Phoenix. She is fluent in Portuguese, with six years of Portuguese school.

Recent Projects and Research

  • She has participated in Experiential Education projects in which she and her undergraduate, graduate students, and international students have developed business plans for businesses to meet their goal. Most recently, a knowledge management strategy for Google. She has participated year after year in corporate challenges in which she mentors' students in the logistics of a scenario and won first place this past year.

Selected Publications

  • Santy, S., Varughese, M., Seaman, C., LaPerla, J., Schwartz, E., Baez, S., Broedje, U., LaPerla, I., Bienstock, J. (2020). Media Multitasking Usage by Generations X, Y, and Z During Covid-19: Predictions for Integrating generation Alpha into the Workplace. International Journal of Business Research. Volume 20, ISSN: 1555-1296.
  • Jelen, M., Schwartz, E., LaPerla, J., Seaman, C., Kalla, J., Baez, S., Broedje, U., and Bienstock, J. (2020). An Examination of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty with Low Involvement Products Among Those with Decreased Income. Journal of International Business and Economics. Volume 20, ISSN: 1544-803 7.
  • Bril, J., Bienstock, J., Brown, A., Baez, S., Petraro, V., Schwartz, E., Broedje, U., Seaman, C., and LaPerla, J. (2020). The Flexible Work Arrangements in a Post Covid-19 Universe. Review of Business Research, Volume 20, ISSN: 1546-2609.
  • Demirer, O., Alshareef, A., LaPerla, J., Schwartz, E., Seaman, C., Kalla, J., Baez, S., Broedje, U., and Bienstock, J. (2020). The Impact of Consumer Purchasing Power Fluctuations on Decision making as it Relates to Low Involvement Products, Increase in Income and Consumer satisfaction. International Journal of Business Strategy, Volume 20, ISSN: 1553-9563.
  • Bienstock, J., Brown, A., Seaman, C., LaPerla, J., and Schwartz, E. (2019). The Challenges of International Student Retention in the U.S. University: it's a Matter of Persistence. Journal of International Business and Economics, Volume 19, ISSN: 1544-8037.
  • Seaman, C., Bienstock, J., Kalla, J., LaPerla, J., Schwartz, E., and Brown, A. (2019). The Impact on Leadership Styles on Effectively Managing Difficult Employees In a Small Business. European Journal of Management, Volume 19, ISSN: 1555-4015.
  • Seaman, C. (2018). Sustaining Self-motivation as an Educational Leader in the 21st century: A Rise to Success. European Journal of Management. Volume 18, ISSN 1555-4015.
  • Seaman, C. LaPerla, J.T., Schwartz, E.J., Bienstock. (2018). Common Leadership Characteristics, Personality Traits, and Behaviors that Generations X, Y, and Z Leaders Find Effective For Shared Leadership: A Formal, Informal, and Rational Approach. Journal of International Studies Management, Volume 18, e-ISSN: 2378-9557.
  • Seaman, C., Bienstock, J., and LaPerla, J. (2018). Integrating International Students Into the U.S. University Classroom: Strategic Planning. International Journal of Business Research, Volume 18, ISSN: 1555-1296.

Professional Honors and Awards

  • Adjunct Faculty Council Scholarship Award
  • Adjunct Faculty Council Award for Engagement in the Professional Enrichment Program
  • The Adjunct Faculty Council Zutoring Award
  • Experiential Education with ECNY Foundation Inc's Distinguished Faculty Award
  • Best Paper Award – Roorke, India
  • Professional Enrichment Program – Contributions to the school of management adjunct faculty council

Courses Taught at New York Tech

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Macroeconomics (ECON 11)
  • Microeconomics (ECON 10)
  • Foundations of Inquiry (FCIQ 101)
  • Introduction of Business (MGMT 101)
  • Principles of Management (MGMT 102)
  • Introduction to Marketing (102)
  • Business Organization and Administration (MGMT 210)
  • Knowledge Management (MGMT 311)
  • International Business (MGMT 335)
  • Organizational Behavior (MGMT 370)
  • Business Research and Innovation (BUSI 405)
  • Entrepreneurial Technology and Management (MGMT 425)
  • Business Policy and Strategy Capstone (BUSI 435)

Graduate Courses:

  • Principles of Management (MGMT 501)
  • Business Policy and Strategy (MGMT 510)
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility (SBES 601)
  • Business Entrepreneurship Environment (MGMT 630)
  • Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (SBES 710)
  • International and Regional Organization and Arrangements (INTL 735)
  • Multinational Business Management (MGMT 735)
  • Principles of Management (MGMT 501)
  • Innovation Management (SBES 420)