At New York Tech, Abram Poczter served as assistant, associate, and then full professor as well as the Dean of the School in 1992–1994. Prior to his career in academe, he was employed by NBC and Clairol. In addition to teaching at New York Tech, Poczter has taught at SUNY-Fredonia, St. John’s University, and Hofstra University. International teaching experience includes ISCEM in Portugal, JUFE in People’s Republic of China, and USE (Monaco).

Recent corporate consulting services and seminars provided to: Sandals International, Ltd, Grace, Kennedy & Co., Ltd (Jamaica, W.I.) and Petro-Alliance Services Company, Ltd. (Russian Federation). Poczter is a member of Academy of Marketing Science, American Marketing Association, and New York Academy of Sciences.

He holds Ph.D. and M.Phil. degrees from the Graduate Business School at Columbia University, and an M.S. in Industrial Economics from Oscar Lange Academy of Economics (Wroclaw, Poland).

Recent Projects/Research

  • Marketing (Consumer Behavior, Customer Value and Satisfaction, New Products Management, Marketing Research, International Marketing)
  • Corporate Strategy

Publications or Presentations

  • Poczter, A. (2013) "Concept testing new products: errors vs. segmentation variables;" Journal of Applied Business Research; 29(2): 545-552.
  • Poczter, A. & Poczter, S. (2010) "Conceptual roots and synergistic communalities in economics and marketing;"  Journal of College Teaching and Learning 7(4):7-15.
  • Gill, A., Tibrewala, R., Poczter, A., Biger, N., M and, H. S., Sharma, S. P. & Dhande, K. S. (2010) "Effects of transformational leadership on student educational satisfaction and student stress;" The Open Education Journal 3:1-9.
  • Poczter, A. (2009) "Reconnecting economics and marketings;" IABR Business Conference Proceedings; San Antonio, TX.
  • Poczter, A. (2009) "How to see the world from Madison Avenue, USA.;" IABR Business Conference Proceedings; San Antonio, TX.

Honors & Awards

  • BSG (McGraw Hill) “Hall of Fame” Master Professor (2005)

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • Management of Customer Value
  • Marketing Research