Luzia Ogureck received her Bachelor of Arts in English Studies and Political Science, and her Master of Arts in North American Studies from the University of Bonn. The German native has been committed to the field of civic education since 2010. During and after her studies, she worked for public news broadcasting, at an academic foundation, and freelanced as a writer and instructor. Over the past decade, she published several feature stories in German media outlets, wrote copy for the European Commission, translated educational material, and led political engagement seminars for young Europeans in Germany and Russia.

As the Associate Director of Experiential Education at NYIT, Ogureck develops and assesses Consultants for the Public Good, a program that connects NYIT students, faculty, and staff with community-based volunteer opportunities. She also runs voter registration efforts on campus and hosts bi-monthly Civic Thursdays, where students are invited to tackle civic issues of importance in an open forum discussion.


  • "Die wahren Gewinner," General-Anzeiger Bonn, 2016
  • "Aus der Traum," General-Anzeiger Bonn, 2017
  • "Trump will 'Dreamer abschieben'," General-Anzeiger Bonn, 2018
  • "Spiel' nicht mit den Siedlungskindern," General-Anzeiger Bonn, 2019
  • "Verd├Ąchtigt, weil sie schwanger in die USA einreisen," Zeit Online, 2020

Professional Honors & Awards

  • Active in the Community Award, NYIT Morale & Motivation Committee, July 2018
  • Outstanding Staff of the Year, NYIT, May 2018
  • Ambassador's Award for the best, most original and most convincing transdisciplinary MA thesis in the field of North American studies, Embassy of the United States in Germany, 2016

Courses I Teach/Have Taught at NYIT

  • FCIQ 101

Contact Information