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Virtual Education Microcredential

Do you want to develop a strong background in the design and implementation of virtual learning curricula, projects, and activities? Our two-course, six-credit Virtual Educational microcredential will help you improve your instruction on a virtual platform and prepare you to serve as a peer mentor to colleagues. 

This program is perfect for teaching professionals who already have their formal credentials, but appreciate the power of technology and want to provide the very best instruction they can for their students.

How to Enroll

  • Register as a non-matriculated student and select our Virtual Education - Microcredential track.
  • Complete the requirements for the two designated fully-online courses.
  • Upon completion of the two courses, you will receive a badge/microcredential representing the achievement of a specific set of learning experiences. Badges can be added to resumes and electronic portfolios and shared with supervisors to earn advancement and salary increases.
  • Once you have completed the program, you may apply for matriculation at New York Tech, with relevant course credits applied to degree requirements.


EDIT 652 Core I - Virtual Learning

This course provides candidates with a foundation in the conceptual rationale for virtual education delivery systems. Candidates will explore web-based technologies for instructional delivery of online course content for K-12 virtual education courses and programs. Candidates will adapt technology tools to accommodate differentiated learning needs and to facilitate interaction and discourse.

EDIT 654 Core II - Virtual Learning Applications

This advanced course in virtual education provides experience in virtual education applications in which candidates develop instructional lesson plans and deliver virtual learning instructional units for diverse K-12 students. Each unit will include an interactive development process specified learning outcomes, assessments, and resource materials to support learning in a virtual web-based learning environment. Prerequisite Course(s): EDIT 652

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