1. Graduate Ready for Your Profession

B.S./M.S. student Nicholas Cariello’s involvement with clubs and part-time jobs on campus led to a coveted cybersecurity internship with IBM. His advice to you: “Get involved.”

95.3%. That’s the percent of NYIT grads employed or in grad school within six months of getting their diploma. And NYIT is among the top 100 private universities with the highest-paid graduates. From your first days at NYIT, career services helps you find a path to success.

2. Connect to New York

Whether you crave the buzz of New York City or the peaceful greenery of Long Island’s Gold Coast, NYIT’s campuses offer you the vicinity and connections to top industries in the greater New York metro area. That means you can visit and intern with companies like Google and NBC, have access to unparalleled networking opportunities, and take advantage of living in or near the most exciting city in the world. Oh, and you can customize your education by taking classes and participating in activities at either campus while you’re at NYIT.

Learn career tips from Google recruiters who met with NYIT students in the company's NYC offices.

3. Increase Your Income Potential

LaVern Rhaburn Sula (B.S. ’88) wasn’t sure how to pay for college until NYIT stepped in. Now she is head of the North American division of Argus Cyber Security—the largest, independent automotive cybersecurity company in the world.

NYIT graduates are in the top 25% of earners of all grads nationwide according to PayScale, and students rank in top 6% for likelihood to move up 2+ income levels according to New York Times rankings.

4. Earn an In-Demand Degree

NYIT’s technology-infused programs are up-to-date and future focused. Students like Oculus Rift creator (and Tribeca Film Festival participant!) Lucas Rizzotto and blockchain news platform developers Arshit Arora and Denisolt Shakhbulatov are already making noise in these cutting-edge tech fields. A core curriculum provides you with a strong foundation and our accreditations in various programs give you a competitive edge when you’re starting out.

Roomi founder Ajay Yadav makes Forbes 30 Under 30.

5. Get a High Quality Education at an Affordable Price

Student H. Mellisa Mahadeo grew up in Suriname where educational opportunities were minimal. Her NYIT scholarship made it possible for her to pursue a career in health sciences.

NYIT offers one of the lowest private tuitions in New York State and more than $40 million in institutional financial aid each year. 82% of our undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid.

6. Makers and Doers: Discover, Collaborate, Innovate

Today’s employers seek employees who have crossover skills and can collaborate and innovate. NYIT’s “makers and doers” learn how to approach projects with critical creativity, from preventing cyber criminals from hacking your car to building businesses on campus and off.

Where Gaming and Real Estate Collide: NYIT Alumni launch “virtual” realty company.

7. Pursue Research That Solves Real-World Problems

Undergraduate biological and chemical sciences students extract bacteriophages from dirty sponges in order to assist Assistant Professor Bryan Gibb, Ph.D., with his research to fight antibiotic resistant infections.

8. Gain Experience in Fields You are Passionate About

Get experience by getting out of the classroom. NYIT helps you participate in meaningful internships and experiential learning, study-abroad programs, service learning opportunities, and more. And internship no longer means “work for free.” In just two years, NYIT students earned more than $2 million (combined) from paid internships.

Choose activities that you are passionate about. Help rebuild storm-ravaged areas, such as Puerto Rico; contribute to the revitalization of a neighborhood in Harlem; and intern with top companies.

9. Engage with a Faculty That’s Invested in You

Far from his Long Island lab, Nathan Thompson, Ph.D., assistant professor of anatomy, studies locomotion in gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda to answer questions about human evolution and anatomy.

Gain access to one of New York’s most professionally active full-time and adjunct faculties. These passionate teacher-scholars are among the best and brightest in their fields—with the practical know-how to show you what works in the real world—and what doesn’t.

10. Join a Thriving Community of Like-Minded Students

You are as dedicated to your extracurriculars as you are to your academics—and so are your fellow students at NYIT. For example, student-athletes make their mark on the field and off—The Bears have won NCAA titles and accolades in academic challenges. Whether you live in a residence hall or commute to campus, you’ll be part of a close-knit network of friends and supporters.

Clubs, like our chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, give you a leg up on your networking and career track.

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