Take Your Math Placement Exam Online

**The Math Placement Exam is now available, check your Admitted Student Portal for updates on when you can take the exam!**

Please read! All incoming new students are required to take the math placement exam EXCEPT if:

  • You are pursuing any of the following majors: BSDO
  • You have already earned credit for a math course (not statistics) by way of:

*Note: if you are currently taking an AP course or college-level course, you should still take this placement exam and your AP scores or college credit, once received, will override your placement, if higher.

Technical Requirements

When to Take the Exam

It is strongly suggested that you take the exam between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. (ET), Monday – Friday. This allows you to receive technical assistance, if needed. Taking the exam outside of the suggested times may delay your ability to complete the exam should any technical issues arise.

Test Instructions

Your performance on the New York Tech math placement exam will determine the math class into which you will be placed based on your major. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The pre-calculus exam is 40 questions. You will see the questions one at a time.
  • This is a timed exam. You will have two hours to complete this exam. You must take this exam in one sitting.
  • You may use any external calculator, except for NSpire.
  • If you score a 35 or better on the pre-calculus placement test, you will be directed to a short questionnaire to determine if you are eligible to take the Calculus Placement exam. In order to place into a Calculus course, you must have taken pre-calculus in high school as well as receive a minimum score on the calculus placement exam.
    • The calculus exam, should you qualify to take it, is 30 questions. You will be given an additional two hours to complete this exam. Please note that this is not a calculus exam. It's a test to determine if you can place into a Calculus I course at New York Tech.

How to Get Started with Your Math Placement Exam

  • Have your computer ready with the login page for: Math Placement Exam on Canvas.
    • Please note: You will not be able to access the Math Placement Exam until you have made your deposit payment.
  • Log in using your New York Tech username and password.
  • Read the Announcements on the Canvas home page for further instructions.

After Taking the Exam(s)


  • Select: Academic Advising
  • Select your status:
    • I'm a new Freshman Student
    • I'm a new Transfer Student
  • Click Next and follow the prompts

You may schedule your appointment after completing the Math Placement Exam.

Questions or Problems

Please email advising@nyit.edu.