Dean of Students

Message from the Dean of Students

Dear New York Tech Student,

Welcome! Together, students, faculty, and staff form our campus community, which reflects a variety of backgrounds and cultures. We are very happy you have chosen New York Tech, and we look forward to learning about you, assisting you with your transition to college, and helping to prepare you for life after graduation.

Community Respect

The quality of life on and off campus is best served by courteous and dignified interactions between all individuals. Accordingly, we expect that you, as a member of the campus community, develop and maintain a high degree of respect for and civility toward the wealth of diversity on and around the campus and to conduct yourself in a manner that fosters mutual respect among all. University policies have been designed to ensure this expectation. For more information, see our Student Handbook and the Gender-Based Misconduct Policy.

Developing Leaders

We encourage all New York Tech students to become leaders on campus. Join a club or an organization—or start your own! Future employers want to see more than a strong GPA; they want to know that you have invested in your campus and can talk about the skills you developed in the process. Start getting involved today!

Never Yield, Inspire Transformation

Recently, we asked students to tell us what they thought the institution meant to them by using the letters “New York Tech.” There were so many creative answers, but one of our favorites is “Never Yield, Inspire Transformation.” We believe this exemplifies the student experience at New York Tech. Our students are thoughtful and resilient, and they graduate as socially responsible leaders who are poised to succeed in their chosen field and serve their communities.

New York Tech is a special place. We look forward to welcoming you and your family members into our global community. Please stop by our offices and say hello: 26 W. 61st St. in New York City and the Student Activity Center in Long Island. We are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Best wishes for a productive and creative year!


Tiffani Blake, Assistant Provost, Student Engagement & Development
Student Activity Center, Room 205