Name Title Credits School
JOUR 610 News Writing for Radio and Television 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course, usually taught by a professional, provides skills in broadcast journalism. Suggested for writing, public relations, and television specialty areas.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: TEVE 650

JOUR 640 Writing for the Visual Media 4 College of Arts & Sciences
The object of this course is to develop the writing skills necessary to prepare professional nonfiction script material for mass media with particular emphasis on film and television. Research techniques are emphasized. It is strongly recommended that students planning to specialize in the film and television specializations include this course.

JOUR 710 Advanced Journalism Workshop 3 College of Arts & Sciences
The principles and practices of newspaper writing are the focus of this course. Extensive writing assignments are given; critical evaluation by a professional journalist is provided. Suggested for the public relations specialization, as well as writing, television, and film areas.

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