Teaching Abroad

Teaching Abroad

Global Faculty Exchange: Explore Your Horizons

Calling All New York Tech Faculty!

Take advantage of New York Tech’s many opportunities to teach, present, and lecture abroad—for a week, a month or a semester. Visit our global campuses in China, Canada, and the Middle East as well as partner universities in Brazil, China, Brazil, Taiwan, Turkey, France, Denmark, and elsewhere:

  • Gain new perspectives from students of other cultures while improving your cultural sensitivity and understanding of your teaching approach.
  • Engage in dialog and research with global peers, and develop lifelong professional relationships.
  • Be an ambassador for New York Tech and American education—engage foreign student interest in attending New York Tech in New York.
  • Share your thought leadership and expertise with a global audience.
  • See and experience the world beyond New York!

Travel and accommodations are paid by New York Tech. Special considerations may also be made for faculty wishing to bring their families.

For more information, contact Julie Fratrik at jfratrik@nyit.edu.


Babak Beheshti

Babak Beheshti, Dean, College of Engineering and Computing Sciences

“Teaching and participation in New York Tech’s global programs has been a rewarding experience in that it has brought a sense of connectedness and continuity to my classrooms. I often draw comparisons and contrasts (as well as explore commonalities) in my classes between the approaches and attitudes students have in the same courses that are taught across the globe.”



Carol Dahir

Carol Dahir, School of Education

“As a Fulbright scholar, I had two wonderful opportunities in Tokyo and in Izmir, Turkey. I was able to immerse myself, despite the language barrier, and begin to see the school system and needs of students through their eyes. It helped us all understand how much we can learn from each other and how systems need to best reflect the educational vision, culture, ethics and mores of each country. The power is in the exchange of collaborative learning which goes far beyond bringing a U.S perspective or influence.”



Anoma Ahmed

Anoma Ahmed, School of Health Professions

“I’ve worked and taught overseas both through community outreach programs for the Center for Global Health and through an NGO I used to be involved with. These have been in Ghana, Haiti, El Salvador and Trinidad. It is rewarding personally because I learn so much about customs, culture, and how different health systems work. I have an enormous appreciation for what we have here in the U.S., and the students have similar reactions. It teaches me humility and that there are different ways not just in how to do things but also different ways to look at things. Professionally those are the same lessons that make me a more empathetic and efficient clinician. I know those are the lessons our students walk away with, too.”