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Faculty Updates

From November 25 through the end of the fall semester, all instruction and final exams will be delivered remotely. Access to campus will be very limited for faculty, staff, and students. If you need to access campus for research, you will need to get approval from your dean, who must email that approval to the Department of Facilities Management at

Important notes regarding students:

  • If students express that they are ill and/or are experiencing personal challenges that prevent them from attending classes for the remainder of the semester, please direct them to the Office of the Dean of Students. The office will provide information regarding their options, including the withdrawal for health reasons process.
  • Pass Fail Policy for Fall 2020: students (if their major allows) can opt to take up to two courses pass/fail but must opt in before final exams. This policy differs from the one offered last spring.

Looking Ahead: Spring 2021 Semester

The semester will begin as scheduled on January 25 and end on May 22. While some spring semester courses are designated as in person, all courses (with the exception of NYITCOM and some School of Health Professions programs) will be taught remotely until March 1. Spring Recess will be one week later than originally scheduled, and is now March 27 – April 4.


Campus Conversation with Suzanne Musho for Faculty and Staff

On August 12, 2020, New York Tech's Chief Architect and Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities Management Suzanne Musho hosted a live Q&A with faculty and staff about plans for the fall 2020 reopening of New York City and Long Island campuses.

A Conversation with Suzanne Musho

  1. Changes to buildings, classrooms, and libraries at the LI and NYC campuses
  2. Social distancing policies and restrictions
  3. Testing requirements, cleaning procedures, and access to campus