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New York Tech Votes

The COVID-19 pandemic. Climate change. Economic inequality, and the protests against police brutality and racial injustice. This election year is an important one for all us, but particularly for young people, whose future is on the line.

If you want to see real change happen in your communities and in our world, you need to show up at the ballot box.

Young voters are historically less likely than their older counterparts to turn out for elections. As a result, politicians tend to pay less attention to issues important to Millennials and Gen Z, including student debt, racial and environmental justice, and jobs programs.

What Can You Do? Get Involved!

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Strengthen New York Tech's voter education efforts and help foster the critical thinking skills necessary to become an active participant in the future of this country.

We encourage everyone in the New York Tech community to volunteer throughout this election season and participate in our remote programming. With so much on the line, it’s more important than ever to stay informed and to become civically engaged.