Community Impact

Community Impact

NYIT is committed to developing the next generation of global citizens. We encourage community engagement and public problem-solving through experiential learning, hands-on activities, and field-based learning through our community, institutional and business partnerships.


Internship Certificate Program (ICP)

<a href='/box/features/lauren_slovensky_on_the_trip_that_changed_her_life'>Alternative Break: Changing Lives</a>

Alternative Break: Changing Lives

This program helps student-interns focus on the academic component of their internship and supplements the rigor of their courses. Our staff helps secure employer evaluations and ensures that students meet learning objectives and develop soft skills employers seek from our graduates. FACT: 50% of students who complete the ICP are offered continued employment from their internship employers.



Service-learning is a way for our students to give back to community-based organizations using their unique skills while earning course credit. By enrolling in a class that integrates service-learning opportunities, students help non-profit organizations solve real-world community problems while learning course material. The experience helps bring classroom education to life and provides students with resume-worthy experience that will impress future employers and graduate schools.

<a href='/box/features/building_resilient_communities'>Building Resilient Communities in Harlem</a>

Building Resilient Communities in Harlem

Civic Engagement

Community Service Centers

NYIT’s Community Service Centers help students get civically, electorally, and politically engaged with their communities--where they live and work, as well as at NYIT. Run by students, the CSC helps organize social justice discussion groups with faculty and staff members, fundraising for community groups and worthy causes, voter registration campaigns, and political advocacy efforts.

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Consultants for the Public Good

Consultants for the Public Good offers students short- and long-term project-based volunteer opportunities at nonprofit organizations and government agencies, where they can apply class-learned skills and expertise to solve real-world public problems.

<a href='/box/features/global_perspectives_and_partnerships'>Global Perspectives and Partnerships</a>

Global Perspectives and Partnerships

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Alternative Break

Each year, during the January and March school breaks, NYIT students, accompanied by faculty and staff members, travel to an in-need area to lend a helping hand. Past NYIT Alternative Break trips to Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic have offered students life-changing experiences and new understandings of the world at large.

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Center for Global Health

The Center for Global Health (CGH) is dedicated to training medical and other healthcare professionals who are empathetic leaders and change agents, ready to tackle the global burden of disease and health disparities at home and abroad. Through a combination of innovative educational curriculum, independent research projects, and field-based service-learning initiatives, CGH provides opportunities for students and faculty members to engage in global health research, policy, and practice.

<a href='/box/features/post_disaster_resilience'>Post-Disaster Resilience</a>

Post-Disaster Resilience

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Building Resilient Communities

Building Resilient Communities is comprised of three primary initiatives: after-school programs; a Neighborhood Design Center; and a Community Healthcare Program. Additional foci include affordable housing initiatives for residents, economic development, and adult workforce development. NYIT faculty, staff, administrators, and students from multiple schools and departments are engaged through service-learning opportunities to provide work experience with professionals in their concentrations. Research and skills developed as part of this initiative will be used to advance innovation and advocacy for global communities through future NYIT interdisciplinary endeavors.


Harlem Partnership

The new partnership between NYIT and Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement Inc. (HCCI) aims to help Harlem's Bradhurst neighborhood become a more resilient community. The partnership focuses on four key initiatives: after-school programs highlighting STEM-based learning, a community-led Neighborhood Design Center focused on urban housing, a Parent University English language program to help families with the college enrollment process, and a community health care program.

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Puerto Rico: R-Cubed

R‐CUBED: Relief x Reconstruction x Resiliency is a multidisciplinary collective of NYIT schools and external partners—faculty and students, professionals and community members—who are collaborating on a multi‐phased, multi‐year project to bolster existing relief, reconstruction, and resiliency efforts in Puerto Rico and its surrounding islands in the aftermath of the recent hurricanes.

Leveraging existing networks within local communities in Puerto Rico, we will build short- and long-term infrastructures (physical, educational, social, biomedical, technology/communications), immediate and visionary. We seek to create an NYIT research community (and beyond) that is responsive to crisis and challenges, requiring interdisciplinary teams and long-term commitments.

The islands and their municipalities, with their disjointed and now-broken infrastructure, are a microcosm of the challenges and complexities that characterize vulnerable areas of the world. What we accomplish here may potentially serve as a model for 21st-century resilience elsewhere.


NYIT currently has a number of interdisciplinary research platforms under the umbrella of “smart cities,” including cybersecurity, virtual reality, biotechnology, architecture and design, and robotics. These areas of expertise are being translated into problem-solving in our communities.