I-to-I Summer Program

The I-to-I (Introduction to Independence) Summer Program was created by educators who understand the necessity for a healthy and well-planned transition into the world that awaits the special young adult. The goal of the program is to maximize movement toward independence by creating a reasonable “loosening of the reins” in an environment that rewards responsibility, involvement, and decision making.

Students have a chance to explore and develop the skills necessary to successfully interact with peers, the opposite sex, and authority figures. Behavior is analyzed through role playing and discussion, and students are sensitized to body language, social cues, and the implications of different approaches to people.

Emphasis is placed on appropriateness of behavior in various situations, cause-and-effect relationships, and critical thinking.

The I-to-I Program is a 7-week work/study program for students aged 16 to 22. Students work 1/2 day and take classes 1/2 day Monday through Thursday, and receive a stipend for their internships. Friday is designated as Travel Day and students will travel with staff via mass transit to various places of interest using strategies they have learned in class.

I-to-I and VIP occupy five buildings on the southernmost part of NYIT's Central Islip campus, which is a community model that houses a BOCES nursing program and Touro Law School, as well as other community-oriented organizations. The site is the center of a burgeoning area that includes a federal and state court complex, a new industrial park, several new condominium developments, and a growing local business community.

For more information, please contact Ernst Vanbergeijk, Associate Dean & Executive Director VIP at evanberg@nyit.edu or 631.348.3117, or download our program brochure.

Summer I to I Program 2015 Activities

Parent Orientation Day

Parent Visitation Day – July 18, 2015

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