Student Resources

Be Smart. Use All Your Resources.

Like any worthy adventure, college can be full of challenges. Whatever yours may be, we’ve got the resources to guide you through. Whether you need help researching a topic, keeping up with your studies, registering or paying for classes, or adjusting to life in a new city or country... we’re here for you. Just ask.


Search our database of academic and research resources online or at one of our four campus libraries. Our collections include more than 100,000 books, 200 databases, 13,000 ebooks, videos, and so much more. Make an appointment with one of our librarians—they’re ready to help you navigate library resources and find the materials you need.


Learning Center

You’re always welcome at the Learning Center, located on both New York campuses—for one-on-one or small group tutoring in a variety of academic subjects, skill-building workshops and test preparation sessions. You can also access and borrow calculators, tablets and other equipment that help with your studies. Academic assistance and support from the Learning Center is a valuable resource, take advantage of it!

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Online Tutoring

Need extra help outside of school hours? The Learning Center at NYIT has linked up with Brainfuse, a free, online tutoring service that provides instantaneous subject tutoring, interactive study resources and an online writing lab, no matter your location, type of internet device, or the hour!

Math Center

Not sure you can keep up in your math class? Not a problem!  Stop in when you’re stuck or make a standing appointment at the Math Center for free help from teachers in a supportive environment.

SOAR Tutoring

If you need help with your engineering or computer sciences coursework, SOAR Tutoring can assist you! SOAR is a free peer tutoring program offered by the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences for select engineering and computer science courses.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides you with a quiet place to work and the advice of English professors to help you with any writing assignment: from brainstorming ideas to developing drafts to checking your grammar.

Supplemental Instruction

If you’re taking a course that’s known to be difficult, joining your classmates for regularly scheduled Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions can make it a lot easier. SI sessions are informal, peer-led discussion-based meetings that will help you review and reinforce what you’re learning in a particularly challenging class.

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International Student Support

No matter how far you’ve come to attend NYIT, we’ll do everything we can to make you feel at home here. We have many services, programs, and organizations focused specially on the kinds of assistance and support you might need as an international student. From the day you arrive through your life as an alumnus there is someone here to guide you. Whether you need help with travel plans and documentation, you want to join a social event or club, or learn the ways of your new environment from someone who was new here like you! Let us help!

Advising and Enrichment Center (AEC)

Get your degree on time! Each semester, you will receive primary advising from faculty advisor within your major. AEC advisors will help you understand and meet you degree requirements and can also assist you with change of major counseling and graduation planning. Our Peer Advisors (PAs) are available to help you prepare for your advisement appointment and guide you through NYIT’s resources and online tools.

Become a Peer Advisor

Find out about NYIT Honor Societies and opportunities for Academic Recognition.

Enrollment Services Center (ESC)

When it comes to going to college, you’ll have so many questions outside of the classroom—about managing your classes and academic standing, financial aid, your student account, helpful resources and opportunities. Luckily, you’ll find all the answers in one place. At the ESC you’ll receive personalized guidance, advice, and encouragement whenever you need it, throughout your time here.

Counseling & Wellness

To do your best at college you have to take good care of yourself. Eat well, get enough sleep, do something you enjoy every day. And if you notice that you’re feeling over-stressed or depressed or uncomfortably homesick, please don’t sit there and let it get worse—come to our campus Counseling Services in Manhattan or Old Westbury . Our licensed professional counselors have short-term strategies to help you bounce back and thrive for the long run.

Career Services

We’re here to help you make the most of your NYIT degree. Enhance your education through internships, volunteer work, study abroad, and memberships in professional organizations and clubs. Our many resources can help you find the job you want, expand your professional network, and advance your career.

Study Abroad

There are many benefits to be gained by spending part of your college years going to school abroad, absorbed in the culture of one or more other countries. We offer so many opportunities for you to do just that! NYIT’s Global Exchange Program makes it easy to enrich and continue your program of study by spending a year at one of our worldwide campuses—in Nanjing, Abu Dhabi, or Vancouver—without missing a beat. Or maybe you want to spend a semester in Denmark, the Netherlands, or China; winter break in India, the U.K., or Costa Rica; summer in Germany, Brazil, or France. When you’re ready to wander, we’ll help you get started.