Abstracts 2004

Session I

"From Page to Stage"
Victoria Wehmeyer

"What I Dream Of..."
Rupen Modi

"Argument Against Cochlear Implants"
Amanda Graham

"Sewing Life Together: An Assessment of Cathy Song's Poem, 'The Grammar of Silk'"
Laura Kim

"Web Site Development: A Professional and Creative Process"
Michael Cronin

Session II

"Data Acquition System for Simulation and Online Parameter Estimation of Induction Motor Using Computer"
Gayathri Podapati and Istiaque A. Mohammed

"Demonstration of Photovoltaic Operations with Utility Feedback"
Michael Ouziel

"Exploring Mathematics through Children's Literature"
Migdalia Lopez and Mary Moran

"The Scriptx0r Project: Using Interpreted Languages to Create Applications"
Michael Battaglia, Hasan Bagwandeen, James Wertz, and Uche Agharanya

"Comparative Views on Abortion and Adoption - 2004"
Christine M. DeSousa

Session III

"A World Without Human Actors"
Alexander Grinshpoon

"True Pioneers of Computer Graphics"
Joseph DiStefano

"The Digital Revolution's Influence on Traditional Artistic Methods"
Gabriel Every

"Why Couples Say, 'I Do,' to Technology"
Melody Bauer

"Obscenity on the Internet"
Andrew Tullio

Session IV

"Industrialization and War: Threats to Middle Earth and Our World"
Melissa Navia

"A Day with Hester Prynne"
Saadia Yunus

"Leah B. Mason Design"
Leah Mason

Cheran Cambridge

"Personal Poetry"
Nassima Alberti, Reshma Persaud and OJ Schwa

Session V

"Fieldword Educators' vs. Students' Perceptions: Relationship to Stress, Coping and Academics"
Peter Chalkitis, Stephanie Meertens and Janet Zgombic

"Remote - A Software Engineering Project"
Edward DeLauter

"Novel DNA-RNA-Plasmid Microarray"
Susan Law, Daren Spinelli, and Norman Chan

"Factors Affecting the Management of Technology"
Shan Babeendran

"Four Issues in Resource Management That Could Affect Success"
Virgil Charles

Session VI

"The Influence of Video Games on Our Society"
Greg Galowitz

"Limits of Nanotechnology"
Daniel Tergesen

Steve Marchi

"Improving the Quality of Children's Entertainment Programs with Digital TV"
Michael Vinas

"Different Worlds"
Roland Basdeo

Poster/Animation Viewing Session

"Homophobia and Self-Esteem Maintenance Among Sex-Typed Undergraduate Students"
Eleni Kastopoulus

"Beauty in Nature"
Dorkys Ramos

"Storage Area Networks"
Thomas Park

"Analysis and Design of Statistically Indeterminate Structures"
Jay Parikh

"Functional Foods as Adjuvant Therapy: The Need for Evidence-based Research"
Rachel Lippman and Constanza Ruiz

"MP3: Client Server Database System"
Mark Ayvazian, Sal Gonzalez and Stanley Oriol

"Mitigating the Stigmatizing Effect of Media Coverage of Mental Illness"
Albert Tai

"Oil Extraction Increases Curcumin Availability from Turmeric Sources"
Samantha Asche and Sagar Thakkar

"Escape of the Ready Mades"
Gabriel Every

"First Day of Middle School"
Gabriel Valle

"Finding Bobby Fisher"
Joseph DiStefano

"Stick Around"
Nick Ruopoli and Jason Pierrepont

Eric Bellamore

"Duck Sauce"
Steven Cegelski, Fredric Cordero and Karen Arbasetti

Josephine Simon-Michel and Julia Martin

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