Email Retention Policy: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is NYIT’s email retention policy?

  • As of Feb. 28, 2014, all email that is older than 365 days from the current date will be deleted from a faculty, staff, or employees mailbox. Calendar appointments, contacts, notes, and tasks will be untouched and remain in your mailbox. Read the full NYIT Faculty and Staff Email Retention Policy (PDF).

  • Email retention refers to the limit of time an email will reside in a user's mailbox.

What does this mean to me?

  • Initially, on Feb. 28, 2014, all email in your email box (Email messages sent, received, messages in a folder, messages in the document retention folder in Outlook, etc.) that was dated Feb. 28, 2013 or before, was automatically deleted from your email box. Thereafter, every day, any email dated 365 days prior to the current date will be deleted from your mailbox.

  • In other words, NYIT will retain email and attachments in inboxes, folders, and outboxes on its centralized email servers for 365 days after emails have been received or sent.

  • All email and attachments remaining on central ITS email servers longer than one year will be automatically and permanently deleted.

I need some of those emails. What do I do?

  • You can save selected emails or documents, including those subject to NYIT’s Record Retention Policy and Procedures, in a folder on your employee storage drive on NYIT's network. Your Z: drive is this network storage area for the email and documents you need to retain.

How do I save my emails and documents to the Z: drive?

Why do we need this policy?

  • NYIT needs this policy to comply with the best practices relating to electronic records, mailbox performance, and to be fiscally responsible by maintaining appropriate storage space.

Are there any exceptions to this policy?

  • Any email content that is subject to litigation hold. You will be notified if this applies to you along with the procedures for retaining the email content 'hold' on your email box.

Are email records handled differently than paper?

How do I know if an email is an NYIT record and needs to be retained?

What are my responsibilities as a user of an NYIT email account?

  • You are responsible for:
    1. Organizing and/or saving selected email or attachments of email messages so they can be located and used.

    2. Archiving /saving any email content that meets the guidelines set forth in NYIT’s Record Retention Policy and Procedures.

    3. Using NYIT Retention and Disposal Schedule to identify how long email messages must be kept.

    4. Keeping email messages for their entire retention period, and delete email messages in accordance with NYIT’s Record Retention Policy and Procedures.

    5. Maintaining emails that are subject to a litigation hold.

    6. Keeping your email box limited in size to keep your email as an effective NYIT communication tool. It is best practice to limit the size of your email box to under 5000 messages for best performance and speed.

Do you know of a quick way I can delete old emails?

Once I’ve cleaned out all of the unnecessary emails, how do I keep my mailbox cleaned up?

  • Immediately delete messages that have no significance.

  • Empty your deleted mail folder regularly by ‘right-clicking’ on Deleted items and then click Empty.

  •  Keep your mailbox size below 5,000 messages.

What about the Doc retention folder I have in Outlook?

How long will NYIT keep this archive on my Z: drive?

  • As long as you are an employee of NYIT, your Z: drive, all files, folders will be available to you.

Are deleted email messages destroyed? 

  • Offline tape (backup) copies of NYIT faculty and staff email system files are kept for six months. These backups are for system restoration and disaster recovery purposes, and are not designed or intended to facilitate retrieval of deleted messages.

Can faculty and staff recover emails that are automatically deleted after the 365 day retention period?

  • No, individual emails automatically deleted after 365 days from the NYIT email system cannot be recovered.

Sometime I use my home computer to work on NYIT business.  Do I need to clean up and save my emails there as well?

  • The email you receive/send from home all goes through the NYIT email servers. Accordingly, it is subject to the email retention policy and procedures

Doesn’t my email belong to me?

  • All email communications that are created, received, or stored via the NYIT email system are the property of NYIT. They are not the property of employees, vendors, or customers. Employees should have no expectation of privacy when using NYIT computer resources.

I sometimes use my home computer and personal email account to conduct NYIT business.

  • Personal email accounts should not be used for NYIT business.

How do I know what I need to keep?

Who is responsible for retaining email messages, the sender or the recipient?

  • Just as with paper records, both senders and recipients of email messages must determine if a particular message should be retained based on their responsibility to maintain the information.

More Questions?

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