Annual 2030 Task Plans/Reports

It is not enough to "think big": NYIT's vision for the long-term future must be translated into initiatives that can be implemented each year within resource constraints. Without the vision, the initiatives would focus too much on short-run opportunities and threats. Without the initiatives, the vision would present wishes and hopes more than tough-minded guidance about NYIT's future. In academe, the best results are achieved when one considers both the long and short-term issues simultaneously - proposing an overarching vision and practical initiatives for achieving it.

The Annual 2030 Task Plans are developed each year to ensure that initiatives to accomplish the vision and goals of the plan are developed and carried out. Projects are tied to resource allocation and the plans clearly articulate responsibilities, accountabilies, time frames and expected outcomes. Updated regularly with status reports and results, the task plans are shared with NYIT's senior management, Board of Trustees, and posted on the university's web site to inform the university community of progress. 

Click below to see the Annual 2030 Task Plans from different points in the plan through today: