Periodic Review Guidelines

The Periodic Review Report (PRR) focuses on three main areas: finances, assessment and linking planning and budgeting. Unlike a self-study, it does not address all 14 Standards. The report is designed to provide Middle States with a sense of the direction the institution and its plan for the next few years. It also requires the institution to address areas that were of concern to the visiting team. With these aspects taken into consideration, the NYIT PRR has the following objectives:

  1. To assess the impact of significant major developments, changes, or challenges subsequent to the last evaluation
  2. To assess the institution's response to recommendations resulting from the previous evaluation
  3. To review the institution's enrollment trends, financial status, and enrollment and financial projections (Standard 3)
  4. To determine the current status of the implementation of processes for the assessment of institutional effectiveness and the assessment of student learning outcomes (Standard 7&14)
  5. To assess the extent to which linked institutional planning and budgeting processes are in place (Standard 2)
  6. In addition, the Commission has requested "...that (NYIT's) Periodic Review Report, due June 1, 2014 document additional steps taken to strengthen distance education and global additional locations (Standard 13)."
The PRR  to Middle States was submitted June 1st, 2014. Two reviewers from other institutions will read the report and make recommendations no later than August 1st. Institutions receive a copy of the report and can respond to any concerns it may have. The Commission reviews the PRR Committee’s report and communicates its decision in November.