Global Perspective/World View

NYIT Global Competence: Students can identify interdependencies among cultures and are able to collaborate effectively, participating in social and business settings globally.

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the impact of the global interconnectedness of issues, processes, trends, and systems on their academic specializations and worldviews.
  • Practice well-researched oral, written, visual, and digital communication in its diverse cross-cultural forms.
  • Describe a complex global issue from multiple cultural perspectives and explain how those perspectives affect the treatment of the issue.
  • Employ effective and appropriate interaction and teamwork with people of different nationalities and cultures, demonstrating respect for social, cultural, and linguistic diversity.

Resources in Supporting Global Learning and Assessment


  1. How Colleges Can Influence the Development of a Global Perspective
  2. Global Competence: Paper from the Asian Society
  3. Got Global Competency: W.Hunter-Leigh University
  4. How to Build a Rubric for Global Competency in Engineering
  5. The Case for Contamination (New York Times) by K.A. Appiah-Princeton

Assessment Tasks and/or Rubrics:

  1. AAC&U Value Rubric for Global Learning & Assessment
  2. Global Perspective Inventory: A student Survey Instrument
  3. AAC&U Shared Future Assessment Matrices Samples
  4. Rubric for Global Competency in Engineering
  5. Engineering Example: Purdue University
  6. The Problem with Hoodia: Assessment Task & Rubric FIU

NYIT Evidence of Global Learning & Assessment:

Faculty and staff: Share your student assignments, group projects, readings, and discussion topics that contribute to global learning on this page! Email Shifang Li.