Faculty Support

In addition to the oversight provided by the Assessment Committee, the assessment of student learning outcomes by NYIT faculty members is supported through the development of faculty knowledge and skills, through institutional events focused on assessment, and through consulting staff with expertise on measuring, analyzing, and reporting outcomes.

Departments or faculty can arrange for individual assistance with assessment planning and/or implementation. For help with program's annual assessment plans, reports, and related surveys, please contact:

  • Mark C. Hampton, Ph.D., M.S.
    Vice President
    Planning, Analytics, and Decision Support
    Wisser Library, Room 208A
    Phone: 516.686.7517
    Fax: 516.686.7419

  • Shifang Li, Ed.D.
    Assessment Coordinator, Vice President's Office
    Planning & Assessment
    Wisser Library, Suite 208
    Phone: 516.686.7860
    Fax: Fax: 516.686.7419

For help with course embedded assessment and implementation, please contact:

  • Francine Glazer, Ph.D.
    Associate Provost for Educational Innovation and Director
    Center for Teaching and Learning
    Tower House, Room 208

  • Jason Rosenblum
    Associate Director
    Center for Teaching and Learning
    Harry J. Schure Hall, Room 227A