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Apr 10 2013

School of Management Assessment Event - Involve All Stakeholders in the Process of Assessment

School of Management

On Monday, April 8, 2013, SOM held the Executive Council / Business Advisory Board Spring Workshop focusing on student learning outcomes assessment. This well-planned event involved all stakeholder including the SOM Executive Council and Advisory Board and industry partners, student representatives, and faculty, including BSBA core course leaders. The council and board members and industry partners each received small samples of student work – based on their areas of domain expertise – prior to the meeting for their review against a Master Syllabus and its stated course goals. They came prepared with questions and comments.

During the workshop, the council / board members / industry partners joined faculty members and students of the courses being evaluated. The role of the faculty members and the students is to demonstrate how the samples of the assignments link to and are in support of attainment of the course goals. Through the collaborative dialog, the council / board member / industry partner listened to the students and faculty members and provided feedback on how well the various student artifacts achieved the course goals and recommended changes for improvement.

Each year SOM assesses a different program and it is a part of our cyclical assessment progress.

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