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Dec 19 2013

Assessment Committee Meeting - December 5th, 2013

Assessment Commitee Meeting, Held on December 5th, 2013

Attending:  Steve Billis, Veneta Sotiropoulos, Patrick Love, Fran Glazer, David Cirella, Youjeong Kim, Olena Zhadko, Frank Mruk, Jason van Nest, Hattie Arnone, Patricia Burlaud, Selene Loughlin, Tobi Abramson, Shifang Li, Francy Magee, Jess Boronico, Sue Neville, Nada Anid, Zahra Ahmed

The purpose of the meeting was to plan for the Leadership Session on the January 15, 2014 Assessment Day.

After reviewing the powerpoint used at last year’s session, the committee discussed potential themes.  Dean Boronico suggested that the group discuss ways to engage external communities in assessing the quality of student learning (one of the best practice items on the Middle States rubric for assessing assessment processes: “Involve all stakeholders in assessing student learning” ).  The goal would be to share ways of engaging stakeholders in meaningful ways; the outcome that chairs and deans would develop plans and timetables for improving in this respect in their programs/schools.

Suggestions for discussions/presentation topics on January 15 include:  Juries reviewing/commenting on student work; advisory boards; focus groups of employers; various methods for keeping faculty current (roundtables, conferences, other faculty development); alumni surveys, roundtables, exit interviews and surveys with graduating student; feedback from “clients” meeting our students through academic service learning, internships, etc.; doing these things at global locations.

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