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Apr 25 2013

Annual Assessment Report

The 2012-2013 annual assessment report and plan is due Jun 30th, 2013.

Please schedule a meeting with your faculty members to discuss the assessment findings for the current academic year, and decide what “actions” you are going to take to improve students learning. Your report and plan for next academic year will be reviewed based on the same set of criteria we used before:

  • Did the program identify learning outcomes to assess or do they have a focus of assessment for 12-13 academic year?
  • Did the program analyze students’ work?
  • Did the program come to any conclusions based on analysis of students’ work?
  • What actions or steps are the programs to take to improve students’ learning based on the assessment?
  • Are accountability and a timeline specified for the actions or interventions?
  • Did the program have an assessment plan for 2013-2014 academic year?

In addition to the annual assessment report, we expect each academic program to submit a follow up report on “Improving  the quality of assessment process”  as a results of the January, 2013, Assessment Day Leadership Program, where each chair and (or) assessment coordinators identified areas to improve.

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