Administrative Structure

Administrative Structure: 

The Assessment Committee of NYIT's Academic Senate is the institutional unit that brings together all program assessment activities at the university - for programs with and without professional accreditation, for programs at all locations, for programs given through all delivery mechanisms. The committee members come from all academic schools and numerous support departments. Its meetings are open and minutes are posted on the web site of the Academic Senate.

The Committee's Mission is to:

  • Raise the visibility of student learning outcomes assessment within NYIT
  • Maintain a common, unified, mission-driven process for all of NYIT's academic programs
  • Improve teaching and learning by increasing faculty participation in and knowledge of assessment
  • Provide meaningful feedback to deans and faculty regarding their assessment plans and results by engaging them in useful conversation with Committee members about how well the program is helping students achieve stated learning outcomes
  • Prepare a formal annual report on the status of assessment at the university, including recommendations for improvement