William Werner, PT, Ed.D.

William Werner

Associate Professor



  • B.S. in Physical Therapy, Quinnipiac University
  • M.A. in Motor Learning, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Ed.M. in Motor Learning, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Ed.D. in Motor Learning, Teachers College, Columbia University

Academic/Clinical Appointments

  • 2006-Present: Associate Professor, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Old Westbury, N.Y.
  • 2000-2006: Assistant Professor, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Old Westbury, N.Y.

Clinical Experience

  • Clinical experience in pediatrics, acute care, orthopedics, home care, and adult rehabilitation with neurological patients.
  • 2003 to Present: Supervisor of the Physical Therapy Department of the Academic Health Care Center of New York College of Osteopathic Medicine at NYIT.


“Haptic Feedback from Manual Contact Improves Balance Control in People with Parkinson's Disease”
Gait and Posture
Rabin, E, Chen, J, Muratori, L, DiFrancisco-Donoghue, J and Werner, WG
July 2013

“Effects of Exercise and B Vitamins on Homocysteine and Glutathione in Parkinson's Disease: A Randomized Trial”
Neurodegenerative Diseases
DiFrancisco-Donoghue, J, Lamberg, EM, Rabin, E, Elokda, AE, Fazzini, E and Werner, WG
January 2012

“Improving Gait and Promoting Retention in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease: A Pilot Study”
Journal of Neurology
Werner, WG and Gentile, AM
Accepted November, 2010

“Effects of Exercise Induced Oxidative Stress on Glutathione Levels in
Parkinson’s Disease On and Off Medication”
Journal of Neurology
Elokda, A, DiFrancisco-Donoghue, J, Lamberg and Werner, W.G.
Accepted October, 2010

"Norepinephrine and Cardiovascular Responses to Maximal Exercise in
Parkinson's Disease On and Off Medication"
Movement Disorders Journal
DiFrancisco-Donoghue, J, Elokda, A, Lamberg, E, Bono, N, and Werner, W.G.
September, 2009

“Comparison of once-weekly and twice-weekly strength training in older adults”
British Journal of Sports Medicine 
DiFrancisco-Donoghue,J Werner, WG and Douris, P.  January 2007 

“Cardiovascular Response to Treadmill Testing in Parkinson’s Disease”
Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy
Werner, WG, DiFrancisco-Donoghue,J and Lamberg, E.  June 2006
Christopher D. Smithers Foundation provided $10,000 funding.

“Instructional cues and Parkinsonian gait:  A pilot study”
Neurology Report
Werner, WG and Gentile, AM.  March 2003
Awarded NYIT-AAUP Grant 2001-2002 for this project.


  • 2012 Michael J. Fox Foundation Rapid Response Grant - Co-investigator for project titled "The Effects of Tyrosine on Orthostatic Hypotension and Autonomic Responses in Parkinson's Disease" - $75,000
  • 2012 NYIT ISRC/TLT Grant: Principal Investigator for project titled "Motorized Walker to Deliver Haptic Speed Cues to Improve Gait of People with Parkinson's Disease" - $11,395
  • 2012 NYIT ISRC/TLT Grant: Co-investigator for the project titled "Integration of Active and Passive Approaches in Autonomous Navigation Systems for the Blind" - $9,479.57
  • 2012 NYIT ISRC/TLT Grant: Co-investigator for the project titled "Comparison of Lower Extremity Kinematic Patterns in Individuals with Parkinson's Disease During Stationary Upright and Semi-Reclined Cycling" - $7570
  • 2012 NYIT ISRC/TLT Grant: Co-investigator for the project titled "Body Area Sensory Network for Posture Detection - Assistive Rehabilitation System for Parkinson's Disease Patients" - $21,541.64
  • National Institutes of Health Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.
  • $128,000 grant for research on Parkinson’s disease. The grant allows researchers to test ways to improve control of posture and gait of individuals with Parkinson's disease, who are at risk for fall-related injuries. Tests include touching a stationary object while standing and touching a moving object when walking at a desired pace to ensure better control.
  • Hartman Parkinson’s Disease Research Foundation Grant
  • $100,000 grant ($50,000 matching from NYIT) to investigate the impact of resistance training and vitamin supplementation on function, balance and oxidative stress levels
  • NYIT CTLT Grant January 2006
  • Granted a Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology Fellows Grant to investigate the use of PDA’s (personal digital assistant) in the clinical setting for physical therapy students
  • Christopher D. Smithers Foundation 2005
  • Funding of $10,000 for project “Cardiovascular response to exercise in
  • Individuals with Parkinson’s disease”