Residency Program Curriculum
Physical Therapy Residency

The NYIT Residency Program is a 58-week curriculum that covers clinical practice, didactic training, and classroom teaching experience. The program features:

  1. 150 hours of 1:1 clinical supervision and mentor ship.
  2. 240 hours of didactic clinical coursework provided by USC seminars, the premier residency curriculum.
  3. Teaching assistant positions in anatomy, manual therapy I and manual therapy II at NYIT.
  4. Observation of orthopedic medicine, including surgery and physicality.
  5. Independent coursework in preparation for the OCS examination.

The NYIT Residency Program includes two phases. The first phase commences in mid-May. At this time the resident assumes a 6-week teaching assistant position at the NYIT Anatomy Lab.

The second phase, which corresponds to official start of the clinical hours, begins July 1. The resident is required to practice a minimum of 24 hours, and up to 40 hours per week. The resident receives 1:1 mentor ship for 3 hours per week at prearranged times.

The resident assumes a teaching assistant position at NYIT's Manual Therapy I in the Fall, and Manual Therapy II in the Spring.

The didactic coursework takes place in Baltimore, Maryland. The resident receives 16 days of coursework divided over 4 weekend intensives (Friday through Monday). These take place between September and December of the residency year. The modules and independent study material of the residency cover the following contents:

  1. Anatomy and physiology of the extremities and the spine.
  2. Movement science and procedural interventions of the extremities and the spine.
  3. Post-operative management of the extremities and the spine.
  4. Clinical reasoning within orthopedic examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, interventions and outcomes.