Nursing Labs

Student learning is enhanced in two technologically advanced nursing laboratories located at the Old Westbury and Manhattan campuses. The nursing labs are designed to simulate various clinical settings. Students receive instruction, as well as practice and review clinical skills.

Both the Manhattan campus and the Old Westbury campus are equipped with Laerdal simulation manikins. Our adult simulators are programmed so students can experience realistic human responses. Students participate in scenario learning experiences in which programmable reactions such as vocal responses, heart rate variations, and respiratory changes prepare them for the acute clinical setting.

Education in specialty areas such as pediatrics, labor and delivery, as well as newborn assessment is aided by Laerdal's SimBaby and Birthing Simulator.

The nursing labs are set up with several stations that replicate hospital settings. These areas contain appropriate supplies that allow students to gain valuable practice in providing patient care. Nursing instructors are present at all times to assist students. The lab manager collaborates with all instructors so scenarios provided enhance didactic and clinical learning.

Nursing Arts Lab Faculty

Prof. L. Sparacino, MS, RN, CCRN, PhD(c)

Old Westbury Campus 
Prof. J. Lincks, MS, RN, ANP
516-686-7774, option 2

Prof. B. Wighton, MS, RN<
516-686-7774, option 1

Prof. K. Eisenstein, RN

Manhattan Campus 
Prof. B. Suzy Diggle-Fox, RN, MSN, ANP, GNP-BC

Nursing Arts Laboratory Hours - Spring 2013

Old Westbury Lab


  • 11 am – 2:30 pm and 6 pm – 9 pm
  • 1 pm– 2 pm NCLEX review (Seniors)
  • 11an – 1 pm open practice and instruction (Seniors)
  • 6 pm – 9 pm open hours all students


  • 9:30 am – 2:30 pm open hours practice all students


  • 11 am – 2pm open practice and instruction (Juniors only)
  • 12 pm – 1 pm NCLEX review (Juniors)


  • 9:30 am – 2:30 pm open hours practice all students


  • 9:30am – 2:30 pm open hours practice all students


  • 9 am – 1 pm open hours practice all students

Manhattan Lab

  • Monday: 11am – 2:30pm (Seniors)

Students should consult blackboard prior to attending open hour in Manhattan.

Lab hours will take place exclusively in Old Westbury Secondary to the EKG lab, Capstone simulation, and Psychiatric lab. (Week of January 20, March 4, & March 11)

*Contact information for lab faculty can be found on blackboard under NURS LAB Spring 2013. Students with referrals MUST make an appointment with lab faculty outside instructional and NCLEX hours [Monday and Tuesday in Old Westbury]

Open hours will not be held during course labs or simulation experiences. Please consult Blackboard.  Dates include, but are not exclusive to: 1/23,1/24, 1/25, 1/31, 2/1.2/7, 2/8, 3/4, 3/11, 3/13, 3/27, & 3/28.

For more information contact Professor Lisa Sparacino, or 516-686-4011.

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