Estimated Program Costs

Students are required to purchase equipment/supplies that are essential for their performance.  In addition to college tuition and other related college fees the estimated cost of books, equipment, and supplies is $350-$1000/ year.


  1. Black Pen
  2. Small writing pad
  3. Penlight
  4. Wrist watch with second hand
  5. Stethoscope & Sphygmomanometer
  6. Nurse pack, (est. cost $65)
  7. Identification card (ID)
  8. Nursing Bag (Community Health Clinical Course)

There are also costs associated with graduation, tutorial and online support program (approximately $125 per semester, X 5 semesters; licensure fees, pinning ceremony, background check, On-line NYS Infection Control, Child Abuse Prevention, HIPAA and Patient Safety required courses) and student uniforms (estimated cost $150). 

Student Uniforms

Students will be required to order their uniforms towards the end of the NURS 102 course. Students will be notified in advance about the times and dates for uniform orders. All student uniforms are ordered through Dove Professional Apparel.For company information visit

Required uniform for all students:

  1. (2) Uniscrub Top- Sailor Blue
  2. (2) Unisex Pants- White
  3. (2) Patch- NYIT (for top and jacket)
  4. Straight Skirt- White (optional for women)
  5. V-Neck Cardigan- White
  6. Name Pin
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