Progression in the Nursing Program

In order to continue in the Nursing Program, students must achieve minimum grades of C+ in (NURS 102, 301, 310, 315, 351, 360, 430, 401, 410, 421, 451, 461, 470, and 480) and maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.75. Students who receive a grade of C or lower in a nursing course or who fail any nursing course segment (didactic or clinical: NURS 102, 301, 310, 315, 351, 360, 401, 410, 421, 430, 451, 461, 470, and 480) will be allowed to repeat the specific failed course (didactic or clinical) only once. Only one nursing course may be repeated. Students who fail to achieve a B or better in a required nursing course (didactic or clinical) for a second time will be dismissed from the Nursing Program. Given the nature of nursing practice, students will not be permitted to use a withdrawal from a course to avoid failure. Withdrawal from a course is only permitted in the case of a documented illness, personal emergency or unusual circumstance and not because of a course/clinical/ lab rotation failure or anticipated failure.

Repeating a Course

  • Identified Prerequisite Courses- Students may repeat only two (2) identified prerequisite courses in which they received a grade of C or below; these courses may be repeated only once. This requirement includes courses taken at other colleges. Students who are required to repeat an identified prerequisite course must achieve a grade of C+ or better in the repeated course. Students who fail to achieve this requirement are not admissible to the nursing program. 
  • Nursing Courses- Students who receive less than a C+ in a nursing course (clinical or didactic) may repeat the course only once. Students may repeat only one (1) nursing course. Students who are required to repeat a nursing course must achieve a grade of B or better in the repeated course. A grade of B-, C+ is not acceptable as a grade for the repeated course and constitutes a course failure. Failure in more than one nursing course constitutes grounds for dismissal from the Nursing Program.

Time Limit for Completion of Professional Phase

Students are accepted as a cohort into the professional phase of the nursing program in the spring semester of the sophomore year (fourth semester) beginning with the first nursing course NURS 102. The professional phase of the nursing program consists of 5 consecutive semesters. A student must complete the curriculum within 3.5 years. If a student needs to take a leave from the program, extenuating circumstances will be considered by the department and upon department approval, a student who is deemed eligible to return must take and pass competency exams for all prior completed coursework. If passed successfully, the student may then progress forward in the curriculum. If unsuccessful in meeting course competencies, the student must repeat the competencies; the student must repeat the coursework.

Re-applying to the Clinical Phase

Students who have withdrawn, failed to return from a leave of absence at the designated time of 3.5 yrs. or have successfully repeated a failed course, may be considered for readmission with departmental approval and if:

  1. They left in good academic standing.
  2. Financial obligations to NYIT have been met.
  3. There is space available in the professional courses of that particular year.
  4. Demonstration of Competency: Absence in the Clinical Area for more than 6 Months:
    • Students returning to clinical courses after an absence of 6 months or more are required to demonstrate the level of theoretical and clinical competency required for the course they are entering. This includes, but is not limited to physical assessment, medication administration, competency skills, set competency, documentation, etc.  Students are required to demonstrate skills in both the nursing laboratory and participate in the patient simulation experience, select documentation and take scheduled exams. 

Returning students must contact the Department of Nursing one semester prior to the semester they intend to reenroll in the nursing program.

This policy supports the Department of Nursing’s commitment to patient safety.

Grading, Testing, Attendance & Progression Policies: Academic Grading System

Grades for all courses are based on the standards outlined in the college-wide Student Handbook. The grading system for the nursing courses is based on the listing cited below. At the end of each semester, the grade point average (GPA) and cumulative grade point average (CGPA) are computed. The following information describes the process for calculating the GPA.

Example: Course Grade Value x Credits per Course = Quality Points

Course Grade Value Credit Quality Points
Psychology B+ 3.3 3 9.9
English 3.0 3 9.0
Math C+ 2.3 3 6.9
Anatomy B- 2.7 4 10.8

For Above Example

  • Total Credits = 13
  • Total Quality Points = 36.6
  • Total Quality Points divided by Total Credits = Grade Point Average 2.82
Grade Numerical Value Point Value
96 - 100 4.0
A- 90 - 95 3.7
B+ 87 - 89 3.3
84 - 86 3.0
B- 80 - 83 2.7
C+ 77 - 79 2.3
74 - 76 2.0
I Incomplete 0.0
W Withdrawal 0.0
WF Withdrawal failing 0.0
F Failure 0.0
IF Failure from an incomplete 0.0

Academic Probation

Students must adhere to the standards specified in the college-wide Student Handbook. Students are placed on academic probation if their CGPA falls below 1.7 as a freshman, 1.90 as a sophomore, or 2.00 as a junior or senior. However, a nursing student cannot enter the professional phase with a CGPA less than 2.75. In addition, a nursing student who does not maintain a CGPA of 2.75 in his/her freshman or sophomore year will be evaluated by the Academic Review Committee for dismissal from the nursing program.

Grievance or Appeal Procedure

Refer to College-Wide Student Handbook. Students are required to follow the step-wise protocol as outlined in the handbook.


The student may be dismissed from the Nursing Program if the grade point average and/or the cumulative grade point average fall below 2.75. Students may also be dismissed from the Nursing Program by exhibiting improper behavior or professional misconduct to include, but not limited to: rude behavior toward faculty, fighting on campus or institutional grounds, plagiarism, striking a client, compromising the safety of a client, unsafe nursing care and not adhering to the Department of Nursing Policies and the Policies of the Clinical Agency Partners.


Application for voluntary withdrawal from the Nursing Program must be submitted to the Nursing Chairperson, in writing, with a copy to the Dean of Health Professions. Withdrawals from a course are only permitted in the case of a documented illness, personal emergency or unusual circumstance and not because of a course/clinical/lab rotation failure or anticipated failure. Given the nature of nursing practice, students will not be permitted to use withdrawal from a course to avoid a failure. In addition, withdrawals are permitted only for students who have no academic or disciplinary proceedings or financial obligations to NYIT. Letters of "Good Standing" will be written for students who meet the above criteria.