Comprehensive Examinations

In addition to course requirements, students will be required to participate in tutoring and support programs and take nationally normed tests and comprehensive examinations throughout the curriculum.

ATI Policy: General Information and Requirements

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

All nursing students are required to take the TEAS exam at an independent testing center of your choice. The TEAS is the Test of Essential Academic Skills offered by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). It is designed to assess the general academic preparedness of students entering a nursing program in the areas of Science, Mathematics, Reading and English (grade is currently weighted 4% of your final NURS 102 course average). Prep Books are available for this Exam.

The current exam for the NYIT Department of Nursing is Version V of the TEAS.

ATI Exams

  • ATI are a series of examinations designed to measure competencies in selected areas of nursing education and provide feedback regarding the individual and aggregate nursing students’ status.
  • All students need to create an account on in order to use all the components of ATI.
  • ONCE YOU HAVE AN ATI ACCOUNT, YOU DO NOT RE-CREATE AN ACCOUNT EVERY SEMESTER. Please keep your ATI code in a safe and accessible place (i.e. Smartphone)
  • You will use the same user name and password every time you access ATI.
  • There is an ATI orientation at the beginning of every semester.
  • There will be no makeup times for the ATI exam. If a student fails to keep his/her exam date, he/she will receive a 0% grade for the ATI exam.
  • Each proctored assessment is administer once with no remediation or retakes.

A mandatory four day on-site review is held at the completion of NURS: 480 (1st week of June)

Questions regarding ATI should be directed to ATI representative via e-mail.

ATI Exam Grading

  • Exact dates for the ATI exams are To Be Determined (TBD) each semester. The examinations are scheduled once in the semester in which an ATI proctored assessment is offered. The date, time and method of administration of the ATI proctored assessment may be within or outside of the scheduled course timeframe. The ATI grades account for 10% of selected course grades and will include the ATI Practice Exams and the ATI Proctored Assessments and or quiz grades where indicated on the course syllabus. Grade point allocations are set at a benchmark of Proficiency Level 2 or above (see grid).

Accountability and Benchmarking Plan/Grid includes: (10% of the course grade)

Proficiency on Content Proctored Exams   Points Awarded for Achievement on Proctored Assessments   Points Awarded for Submission of ALL Practice Exams
Proficiency Level 3   6 pts.   4 pts.
Proficiency Level 2   5.5 pts.   4 pts.
Proficiency Level 1   0 pts.   4 pts.
Below Proficiency Level 1   0 pts.   4 pts.

ATI exams are given when you are enrolled in the following courses:

NYIT Course   ATI Proctored Examination   Administered
**NURS 102 Introduction to Nursing and the Nursing Process   Critical Thinking Entrance **TEAS grade weighted   Sophomore- Spring
**NURS 310: Transcultural Nursing I   No ATI exam in this area. ATI Custom quiz grades as designed by the course professor will be weighted a total of 6% toward the final grade.   Junior-Fall
NURS 315 Pharmacology for Nursing   RN Pharmacology ** final grade weighted   Junior- Fall
NURS 360 Transcultural Nursing II   Fundamentals ** final grade weighted   Junior- Spring
NURS 470 Leadership in Professional Nursing   RN Leadership ** final grade weighted   Junior- Spring
NURS 410 Transcultural Nursing III   RN Maternal Newborn RN Nursing Care of Children
** BOTH exam final grades weighted for a total of 10%
  Senior- Fall
NURS 420 Nursing in the Community   RN Community ** final grade weighted   Senior- Fall
NURS 461 Transcultural Nursing IV   RN Mental Health RN Adult Medical Surgical
*BOTH exam final grades weighted for a total of 10%
  Senior- Spring
NURS 480 Nursing Capstone   RN Comprehensive NCLEX Predictor
** final grade weighted Critical Thinking Exit
  Senior- Spring

Students who have already taken the TEAS Exam:
TEAS scores from another institution will be accepted as long as it is Version V of the the TEAS examination and scores are within one (1) year from the date of admission into the nursing program. Visit the ATI Website to have an official transcript sent to New York Institute of Technology. Students will have the choice of submitting TEAS scores from another institution or choice of retaking the TEAS exam upon admission into the nursing program. Only one choice of TEAS scores submission will be accepted and applied upon admission into the nursing program regardless of which attempt received the higher score. Please note choice of TEAS scores submission are final. Under no circumstances will additional TEAS scores submissions be accepted or changed on a student's final grade in the NURS 102 course.

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