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Student Handbook 2014-2015
Class of 2017:
General Course Schedule 2014-2015

-handbook addendum #1
Class of 2016:
General Course Schedule 2014-2015
Doctor Patient Continuum  
Class of 2017 General Course Schedule 2014-2015
Class of 2018 General Course Schedule 2014-2015
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NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine
2013-2015 Catalog

-Catalog Addition #1: effective 11-18-13

-Catalog Addition #2: effective 2-21-14

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Student Information Documents

Bias/Hate Crime Document

Guide for Surviving Sexual Assault

Are You Being Stalked?: What every student should know

Victim’s Rights and Information

Domestic and Dating Violence

FERPA and Student Privacy

Policies and Procedures

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Insurance: Enrollment Form

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Request for Reinstatement

Request to amend education records

Procedures for requesting an amendment
of the education record and for requesting a
hearing if request denied

Transcript Request Form

Registration Form continuing students: 2015-2016

School Name Dilpoma Choice - Class 2015

Graduate-Alumni Form Class 2015

ERAS Transcript Request Form

Graduation Application: Class 2015

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Name Change Certification

Request for Leave of Absence

2014-15 Request to Return from Leave of Absence

20145-15 Request for Medical/Military Leave of Absence

COMLEX I Leave of Absence form

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Request to inspect & review education records

Research Hiatus form

Registration Form for Freshman: 2014-2015

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