Student Government Association

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The Student Government Association of the College of Osteopathic Medicine is the representative and convening body of student leaders chosen to be the voice and vision for tomorrow’s young doctors.

The Objectives of theSGA

  • To promote the highest academic, professional, and ethical standards;
  • To provide official representation on behalf of osteopathic medical students to the profession at all levels of organization;
  • To promote student involvement and participation in academic, professional, and co-curricular activities that enhance the quality of life and benefit the College community and the profession at large.

The Components of the SGA

  • Executive Board: (President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer). Oversee daily operations of all committees, clubs, and class officers. Responsible for large-scale programming, student advocacy to local and national organizations, and the financial health of the Association.
  • Class Officers: (1st, 2nd, 3rd/4th Year President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer)- Responsible for daily operations, programming and advocacy to College Administration and Faculty for constituent class issues and obligations.
  • Clubs: Responsible for daily operations and programming pertinent to each club and their Constitution.
  • Committees: Responsible for advocating student voice per the goals and orders of respective committee obligations.

Committees of the SGA

  • Administration- Work with SGA on maintaining Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Buildings and Grounds- Serve as liaison to the College of Osteopathic Medicine administration regarding facilities and equipment.
  • Curriculum- Serve as Student Liaison to the College of Osteopathic Medicine Faculty Curriculum Committee, compile feedback from student body regarding curricular proposals and goals.
  • Community Service- Serve as liaison to local community outreach organizations; create, implement and maintain volunteer outreach programs.
  • Financial Aid- Represent Student concerns, feedback, and ideas to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Judicial Ethics- Serve as liaison to the NYIT Joint Committee on Ethics; Investigate all written and oral complaints of unethical behavior on behalf of SGA.
  • Legislative Affairs- Establish and maintain relationships with pertinent legislative offices and organizations. Help organize Student D.O. Day on the Hill.
  • Newspaper- Organize and generate a regularly published student newspaper.
  • Public Relations: Generate and maintain publicity for SGA and Office of Student Affairs events and activities.
  • Special Events: Work with SGA and Class Officers to organize and promote social and academic events.
  • Sports: Organize, implement, and maintain feasible sporting events and intramural leagues.
  • Student Affairs: Serve as general liaison to the Office of Student Affairs for various functions and responsibilities.
  • Yearbook: Work with Office of Student Services to coordinate and produce an annual yearbook.
  • Website/IT: Maintain and update the SGA website; work with administration to offer feedback on employed technologies.

SGA sponsored student Associations

»American Medical Student Association: AMSA provides medical students various opportunities for further study in health policy, medical education, advocacy and leadership training. Events include workshops, speakers, conventions and more! Check out

»American Medical Woman’s Association AMWA’s mission is to provide support, education, and inspiration to women in medicine. Activities include speakers, workshops, outreach and more!

»American College of Osteopathic Family Practitioners: ACOFP advocates education, philanthropy and outreach regardless of one’s future specialty. Events include various entities, from community outreach and speakers to our annual convention in Tampa, FL.

»Christian Student Fellowship: Our mission is to expose all students to, and promote fellowship in, Christianity. Through speakers and discussion, CSF hopes to educate all students about Christianity in medicine. Activities include prayer, retreats, volunteer work, and international medical missions.

»Disaster Relief Partnership Group: Members of DRPG under guidance from the American Red Cross are trained as volunteers to assist in times of natural or man-made disaster. Student members are required to complete the training regimen as put forth by the American Red Cross.

»Emergency Medicine Club: Our mission is to approach emergency medicine from an osteopathic viewpoint by educating students about the work and life surrounding the specialty. Through lectures, workshops, and outreach, we educate, offer networking opportunities, and a sense of community.

»Hindu Student Council: Our mission is to provide students of all faiths and religions an opportunity to experience the Hindu culture and it’s relation to osteopathic medicine. Activities include speakers and workshops.

»Maimonidies Society: Our mission is to offer College of Osteopathic Medicine students and staff of all faiths and religions an opportunity to experience Jewish religion and culture and it’s relation to osteopathic medicine. Events and activities include speakers, workshops, prayer, and outreach.

»Muslim Student Association: The mission of the MSA is to provide students of all faiths and religions an opportunity to learn more about Islam and it’s relation to osteopathic medicine. Special events include opportunities for prayer, lectures, outreach, and more!

»Obstetrics and Gynecology Club: Dedicated to students of all specialties interested in addressing women's health issues through workshops on breast health awareness, infertility, balancing motherhood and career, and more, including an available summer internship at Good Samaritan Hospital!

»Pediatrics Club: The Peds club is for students who LOVE children and are interested in learning about Pediatrics all the while devoting time to helping children throughout the New York area. Activities include community outreach in schools and hospitals, lectures, clinical enrichment, and more!

»Project for Latino Health Our mission is to provide academic and social support by enhancing our members’ ability to deliver culturally competent health care services for the Latino community. We provide mentoring, community outreach, workshops and much more!

»Psychiatry Club: Our mission is to showcase and highlight the various aspects of the Psychiatry specialty through offering College of Osteopathic Medicine students direct contact to the field. Activities include lectures, group discussion, networking possibilities and more!

»Radiology Club: Strives to educate all medical students on the clinical aspects of radiology and the systematic methods involved in radiological diagnosis. Information sessions, lectures, and networking opportunities are also planned for members that are interested in Radiology as a career choice.

»South Asian Club: The SAC at the College of Osteopathic Medicine is dedicated to educating all students on the history, culture, and medicine of South Asian influence. Activities include speakers, workshops, outreach and group discussion.

»Sports Medicine Club: SMC offers our members the ability to gain information, opportunities, and experience in the various aspects of sports medicine and surgery by offering activities such as sporting events, mentoring, lectures, workshops, review sessions, and the ever-popular SMC Top10 t-shirt!

»Student Osteopathic Internal Medical Association: Internal Medicine is the scope of practice dedicated to the care of the adult patient. SOIMA is dedicated to exposing medical students to internal medicine through interaction with physicians, workshops, and outreach.

»Student Osteopathic Medical Association: SOMA is the nationally recognized professional society of the D.O. student. The largest osteopathic medical student organization in the world, our 6,000 members have a voice in the profession, interact with physicians, offer dozens of events and more!

»Student Osteopathic Surgical Association: SOSA aims to stress the understanding of Osteopathic principles in relation to the practice of surgery, along with educational workshops in surgical technique, suturing, instrumentation, patient management, and OMM for the surgical patient!

»Student National Medical Association: Community service, outreach and student support makes up the heart of SNMA, while eliminating disparities in health care delivery, disease morbidity, mortality and cultural competency among physicians are among our highest priorities.

»Undergraduate American Academy of Osteopathy : The UAAO, a national organization dedicated to nurturing the development of osteopathic principles and practice, offers students discounts on books, review lectures, the chance to attend the national convention in Colorado and more.

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