Osteopathic Medicine and Manipulation
Osteopathic Medicine is a distinct form of medicine with its early roots in the American Frontier. It was founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still post-civil war during the late 1800’s. The scope of practice of osteopathic medicine is a separate but equal to that of medical doctors. This means that after Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.) complete their medical school training, typically after 4 years, they can specialize in any field of medicine in the United States of America.
Osteopathic medicine is a complete medical system utilizing evidence based medicine with a philosophy that promotes a holistic approach. The basic ideas of this philosophy is:
1.      The body is a dynamic unit of function
2.      Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.
3.      The body has an innate ability itself.
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) is the application of this philosophy with the use of palpation to diagnose and treat dysfunctions of the body’s framework. These dysfunctions may alter proper motion of one’s body and impairment of its neural, lymphatic, vascular components. The goal of the physician utilizing osteopathic manipulative medicine would be to treat these dysfunctions, typically with their hands, to create an optimal environment for health.
The utilization of OMM can be used in a wide array of medical diagnosis. Here at NYIT – College of Osteopathic Medicine we are investigating the outcomes and physiology of the effect of OMM can have on patients. Listed on this site are our faculty and their research.
The OMM Department at NYIT- College of Osteopathic Medicine is striving to achieve excellence in providing education, research, and medical care. Thank you for the taking the time in visiting our website.  

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