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Dec 20 2010
Stanley Schiowitz, D.O. FAAO 7th Annual Case Competition

The Stanley Schiowitz, D.O. FAAO 7th Annual Case Competition was held on November 30th, 201 and sponsored by NYCOM's Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and Chair, Wolfgang Gilliar, D.O.

The competition illustrates the integration of osteopathic principles and practice into clinical medicine.  It highlights the synergy between the basic sciences and osteopathic manipulative medicine.

The Stanley Schiowitz, D.O. FAAO
Dean Emeritus, NYCOM/NYIT


Case presenters and case titles were:

Anu Kaduvettoor: An Osteopathic Approach to Shoulder Pain

Phillip G. Claire: Osteopathic Considerations in a Case of Chronic Headache

Alexander Davidovich: The Ugly Duckling

Cheryl Dinglas: OMT in the L & D (First Place Winner)

Stephen Henry: Hands on Approach (Most Popular Case winner; voted by audience)

Vanessa Parisi: I Know You Can Fix Mw with Your Hands

Vivian Siu: What Comes First: The Chicken or the Egg? (Third Place Winner)

Danielle Turrin: A Case of Neck Pain in the ER (Second Place Winner)

Donald Wilson: OMM and the Frustrated Patient (Third Place Winner)


"The case competition taught me the importance of sharing clinical experiences in which OMT has made an impact on a patient's health and experience. I hope that this encourages students to utilize OMT and appreciate its value."

-Cheryl Dinglas

"I was honored to participate in this case competition. This opportunity allowed me to integrate the principles of Osteopathic Medicine with patient management. Many thanks to Dr Gilliar, Dr. Terzella and all the faculty in the OMM department for allowing me to participate in this great event. "

- Stephen Henry

"It truly was a great experience because it allowed us to apply our knowledge and demonstrate our growth and development in our OMM skills. It also was a good prep for returning to our clerkships."

-Vanessa Parisi

"When I started to prepare for the case, I was having trouble to make a neck pain case interesting. After all, neck pain is a very common complaint, but it is definitely not one of those interesting life saving case. Knowing that in previous OMM case competition, the winners often saved someone’s life by performing OMM; I felt like there would be no way for me to be placed in this competition. As I am building up my presentation, I realized I was wrong about what it meant to participate in the case competition: it is not about winning, it is about spreading the importance of the osteopathic principles. We don’t have to save someone’s life to make the case worth-studying. I still remembered how excited I was when I looked up several OMM textbooks and found the connection between our patient’s chief complaint with a secondary complains and her history of motor vehicle accident. Being able to connect everything is what makes this experience of the case competition worth memorizing. "

- Vivian Sui

"Participating in the case competition allowed me to practice clearly and concisely presenting a patient. Eventually I would like to be an ER doctor and this experience has also allowed me to see how OMM has an application in an ER."

- Danielle Turrin

"My piece was entitled: OMM & The Frustrated Patient. It was about my experience of performing OMM on a patient who arrived to the medical center angry. I was "volunteered" by the residents and used OMM to heal her and to calm her down. I tried to emphasize the psychological and medical aspects OMM can have on a patient."

- Donald Wilson

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