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Mar 12 2014
CME Event Hosted by OMM Department: Incorporating OMM to Enhance Your Clinical Practice

On March 1, 2014, the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine’s OMM department, in conjunction with the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine Office of Alumni Affairs, held a successful continuing medical education workshop entitled “Incorporating OMM to Enhance Your Clinical Practice”.  This program had 35 participants ranging from resident to attending physicians.  Dr. Sheldon Yao opened the program by presenting potential solutions to barriers that prevent clinicians from utilizing OMM in their practice.  Dr. Michael Terzella presented an osteopathic diagnosis and approach to the head and cervical spine and covered techniques to help treat headaches and TMJ disorders.

Dr. Sheldon Yao followed with diagnosis for the thoracic cage and lumbar spine and covered treatments including muscle energy, myofascial release, and lymphatic techniques for back pain and pulmonary diseases.  Dr. Patricia Kooyman presented sacral and pelvic diagnosis and treatment to help address gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and obstetrical considerations. Drs. To Shan Li and Sheldon Yao reviewed evaluation and treatment of the upper and lower extremities to address common musculoskeletal injuries.

Participants were provided with hands-on instruction and learned to utilize osteopathic manipulative treatment for their patients.  Participants responded well to a new format of active learning integrated into the program where each participant was given a sample clinical case to discuss with a faculty member and then proceed to demonstrate OMT for the case.  This practical and individualized approach allowed participants to apply and reinforce the information they had just learned.  Post CME reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and participants appreciated the hands-on supervision and the utilization of pragmatic cases in the program.

The OMM department, with the assistance of the Academic Technology Group, provided participants with web resources via on-line videos and access to topics on OMT application to common clinical diagnoses. Participants found the website extremely useful to prepare themselves prior to attending the workshop. The web site can be viewed here:

The OMM department continues to strive to provide the most updated resources and quality workshops for students and physicians.

Special thanks goes to the OMM department faculty and table trainers who contributed to help make the event successful:

  • Patricia Kooyman, D.O.
  • To Shan Li, D.O.
  • Michael Terzella, D.O.

Course table trainers:

Academic Scholars 2014 OMS III:

  • Lauren Cooke
  • Danielle Defoe
  • Corinne Fischer
  • Karan Lal
  • Sarah Raza
  • Sarah VanDine
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