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Minor in Mathematics

Math minorNew Option for NYIT Students in 2014-2015:  Minor in Mathematics

NYIT students with a strong interest in mathematics have an opportunity to significantly enhance their undergraduate program by pursuing a Minor in Mathematics in addition to their major. Mathematical methods are used today in numerous career fields, including medicine, law, design, engineering, finance, accounting, economics, architecture, and computer programming. Students who complete a minor in mathematics will possess strong problem solving skills that are useful in the contemporary workplace and give them an added advantage in their career pursuits.

The minor is open to any student who satisfies all the requirements listed below. It is particularly attractive for majors in engineering (who will generally need just two or three more math courses in addition to those required for their major) and computer science (who will generally need four math courses in addition to those required for their major).

Course Requirements for Minor in Mathematics

  • Students must take 16 or more credits in Mathematics (MATH) at or above the 200 level.  MATH 260 (Calculus III) must be in this group of courses.
  • Two or more courses must be at or above the 300 level. At least one of these courses must not be required for the major.
  • At least 6 credits must be taken in residence at NYIT and must be in excess of the mathematics requirements of the major.

Grade Requirements for Minor in Mathematics

  • The grade received for each mathematics course counted toward the minor is C or higher.
  • The combined GPA for all mathematics courses used for the minor is 2.7 or higher.

Students interested in pursuing a Minor in Mathematics should discuss this option with the academic advisor in their major discipline and are most welcome to visit the Math Department or Math Resource Center on their campus for more information and a review of their requirements.

Once you’ve decided to pursue the Math Minor, fill out the Application to Declare Undergraduate Minor form (PDF) and have it signed by the Chair of the Math Department on your campus.  (Old Westbury: Ranja Roy, Ph.D.,, 516.686.1096.  Manhattan:  Meryle Kohn, Ph.D.,, 212.261.1574.)

Information Session
To learn more about the new Minor in Mathematics, please attend an information session:

Thursday, May 1, 12:30 – 1:50 p.m.,
EGGC Room 401 (Manhattan)  or HJSH Room 102 (Old Westbury).