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Veteran’s Information and Resources

New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) welcomes veterans of the U.S. armed forces. If you are a veteran of the U.S. armed forces, you and your dependents may be eligible for educational benefits that you can apply to NYIT tuition payments and/or living expenses.

NYIT is proud to be a part of the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement program. We salute our veterans for their service and encourage you to fulfill your educational dreams at NYIT.


Veteran Benefits Admission and Enrollment to NYIT



Resources and programs for veterans

Yellow Ribbon Veterans

Yellow Ribbon Program

Military Friendly Schools

NYIT named as a
2014 Military Friendly School


Veterans Benefits at NYIT

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for coordinating the veterans’ benefits program. If you are eligible for benefits, you can apply online with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), download the Application for VA Education Benefits (Form 22-1990), or pick one up from the Student Solutions Center on your campus.

To determine your eligibility, contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at 800.827.1000 or visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website.


Veteran Enrollment Days

Enrollment days NYIT hosts Veteran Enrollment Days at our Manhattan and Old Westbury Offices of Admissions. Check back for future dates. You will be able to:

  • meet with an expert admissions counselor about eligibility for admission and academic scholarship possibilities.
  • review your transfer credit evaluation (if eligible) to ensure you maximize your transfer credit.
  • meet with an academic advisor about registering for classes.
  • speak with a financial aid counselor about your financial package as a veteran.


Apply for Free

Did you know that veterans can have the $50 application fee waived? Use the code VETERAN when applying to NYIT and you'll save $50.



Yellow Ribbon Program

Yellow Ribbon program

NYIT is proud to be a part of the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement program. The Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program is a provision of the Post-9/11 Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2008. The program provides for an agreement between NYIT and the Veteran Administration to award a limited number of scholarships to qualified VA students to fund tuition and fees that exceed benefits available under the Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33). Under the agreement VA will match NYIT’s scholarship contribution.

  • Effective Aug. 1, 2013, the Post-9/11 GI Bill pays up to $19,198.31 per academic year for a private school (such as NYIT).
  • Prior to Aug. 1, 2011, the Post-9/11 GI Bill paid up to the highest public in-state undergraduate tuition and fees.

Benefits of the Yellow Ribbon Program

Yellow Ribbon enhances your educational benefits by covering tuition and fees at higher-cost institutions. NYIT will pay up to $5,000 per year to help you meet any costs that exceed those covered by the Post-9/11 GI Bill. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will match this amount.

New York Institute of Technology will cover a maximum of 35 veterans each year. This additional funding will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to those admitted and eligible applicants.

Eligibility for the Yellow Ribbon Program

  • Student must qualify for the Post-9/11 GI Bill through Veteran’s Administration and elect to receive benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill program.
  • Students must qualify for Yellow Ribbon program benefits as defined by the Post-9/11 GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program.
  • A limited number of scholarships are available and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as required by the Yellow Ribbon Program agreement.
  • Students who already received the Yellow Ribbon program for prior semesters take priority over other students (stated in the Yellow Ribbon contract with the Veterans Administration).

Yellow Ribbon Online Application Process

Yellow Ribbon eligible veterans will receive an email each semester when to apply for the program and the date and time it opens up for applications. Follow the link in the email or below to apply.

  • Go to the Yellow Ribbon Application. Login requires your My NYIT credentials.
  • Please complete the form and hit "submit."
  • You will see a confirmation message.


How Do I Apply for Benefits under Post-9/11 GI Bill?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) accepts and processes applications for the Post-9/11 GI Bill. You should complete and submit the application form available online and you will receive written notification explaining VA's decision regarding your eligibility for the program. If you are eligible, your Certificate of Eligibility will also advise you if your service meets the requirements for the Yellow Ribbon Program. You should take your Certificate of Eligibility to NYIT's Office of the Registrar and ask us to certify your enrollment to the VA, including the Yellow Ribbon Program. You cannot certify your participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program directly to the VA. NYIT must report this information on your enrollment certification.

Remember, to receive benefits under the Yellow Ribbon Program:

  • You must be eligible for the maximum benefit rate under the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
  • NYIT must have not offered Yellow Ribbon to more than the maximum number of individuals stated in the participation agreement.
  • NYIT must certify your enrollment to VA, including Yellow Ribbon program information.
  • Any questions, please contact us at or 516.686.1277. 


Receive College Credit for Military Service

All undergraduate service members and veterans are encouraged to have their official military transcript sent to NYIT for prior learning credit review. To order your transcript, contact your branch of service noted below. You may also call the Office of Prior Learning at 516.686.7914 with any questions about possible credit for military training and experience.

Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard

The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard now use the centralized Joint Services Transcript System, which will electronically send your official transcript to NYIT. The transcript includes your military training and occupational experience along with American Council on Education college credit recommendations. Upon receipt, your JST transcript will be reviewed for prior learning credit applicable to your major at NYIT.

Air Force

Service members of the Air Force receive college credit for training through the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). Academic transcripts from CCAF should be sent to NYIT for transfer credit review.

Academic transcripts from the CCAF should be sent to:

Got Questions? Please Contact:

  • Katie Lyons -- Office of Prior Learning
    New York Institute of Technology
    Northern Boulevard
    Old Westbury, NY 11568-8000


Tuition and Fee Payments for the Post-9/11 GI Bill 

Maximum Tuition & Fee Reimbursement per Academic Year

Type of School: Private or Foreign School
Maximum Reimbursement: Up to $19,198.31 per academic year National Maximum


Maximum Tuition & Fee Reimbursement per Academic Year for Students Who Are Attending a Private IHL in Selected States and Have Been Enrolled in the Same Program Since January 4, 2011

State New York
Maximum Charge per Credit Hour $1,010.00
Maximum Total Fees per Term $12,293.00




NYIT makes sense for veterans. We offer:


Admitted Veteran Students

Register for a Placement Exam if necessary. Summer exam registration will be available after April 1. Placement exams will be open to veteran students beginning on April 22, and offered through the summer. You are exempt from the English placement exam if you received transfer credit for FCWR 101, College Composition I. You are exempt from the math placement exam if you received transfer credit for the first math course in your major math sequence, or if you are accepted to a major with a math requirement of "mathematics choice". If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at or 800.345.NYIT.

Policy on transfer credits

Coursework is considered eligible for transfer credit if the school/institution at which it was taken is certified by a regional accreditation body such as the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Coursework from other qualified schools that are acceptable to the standards of NYIT is also considered. NYIT will accept up to 70 credits from appropriately accredited two-year schools or associates degree programs. The maximum transfer credit for students from an accredited bachelor's program is the difference between the required 30 credits in residency at NYIT and the total credits required for the NYIT degree.

Military students called to active service return without penalty policy

NYIT recognizes that students who are also in the Armed Forces Reserve/Guard are subject to call-up for active duty. It is NYIT policy to make every effort to support and assist our students who are in the military. Students who have been called for active duty must present a copy of their duty assignment orders to the registrar, and may select one or more of the following options:

  1. Withdrawal from all courses: Students may withdraw from all of their courses and receive a full tuition refund regardless of the number of weeks that have expired in the term. They will receive a W for all their courses regardless of their current class averages. To do this, the student must file a Withdrawal from the College Form with the registrar. Upon return from active duty, the student shall be readmitted without paying the readmission fee.
  2. Withdrawal from individual courses: Students may withdraw from one or more of their courses and receive a W for a grade regardless of the number of weeks that have expired in the term or of their current class averages. They may be entitled to a tuition refund depending upon the number of credits they have withdrawn compared to the number of credits they have not withdrawn. To do this, the student must file a Withdrawal from a Course form with their instructor, who will submit this form to the registrar. The student remains responsible for both the grades and the tuition for the courses not withdrawn from.
  3. Transfer to online courses: Students may transfer one or more of their lecture courses from on-campus sections to online sections if appropriate instructors and course materials are available. There will not be an additional fee charged.
  4. Incomplete grades: Students may request an incomplete grade from their instructors in one or more courses. Instructors are not required to grant the grade of incomplete, but are encouraged to give due consideration to the student in such circumstances. If the incomplete grade has been assigned, the student will be required to complete the course requirements within two complete  semesters  following  deactivation  from  duty (an additional semester extension with approval by the dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee may also be given).


NYIT Nurses Join Forces to Support U.S. Veterans

The NYIT Department of Nursing has pledged to support First Lady Michelle Obama's national initiative Joining Forces to educate America's future nurses and commit to:

  • educating America's future nurses to care for our nation's veterans, service members, and their families facing post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, depression, and other clinical issues;
  • enriching nursing education to ensure that current and future nurses are trained in the unique clinical challenges and best practices associated with caring for military service members, veterans, and their families;
  • integrating content that addresses the unique health and wellness challenges of our nation's service members, veterans, and their families into nursing curricula;
  • sharing teaching resources and applying best practices in the care of service members, veterans, and their families;
  • growing the body of knowledge leading to improvements in health care and wellness for our service members, veterans, and their families; and
  • joining with others to further strengthen the supportive community of nurses, institutions, and health care providers dedicated to improving the health of service members, veterans, and their families.

Together with the larger healthcare community, nurse educators commit to raising the quality of care available to our nation's military and veterans in our work to prepare future generations of nurses. Read more about Joining Forces.


More Veteran Resources and Programs - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Contact NYIT

For more information, please contact NYIT's Military and Veteran Affairs specialist at or call 516.686.1277. Directions to our campuses.