Enrollment and Degree Verification

You may be required by an insurance company, government agency, or your employer to show proof of your enrollment at NYIT. The National Student Clearinghouse is NYIT’s agent for verification of enrollment status. 

Students who have a valid social security number can obtain an enrollment certificate online through NYITConnect Connect using the Transcript Ordering and Enrollment Verification application. Click on the National Student Clearinghouse link to be redirected to the Clearinghouse site. Enrollment records are available since Fall 1996. You can also print your advanced registration certificate that shows your enrollment for a future semester. There is no fee associated with this service if you access it through NYITConnect.

Students who have no access to NYITConnect or no valid social security number may request an enrollment certificate by accessing the National Student Clearinghouse site directly.

Students who need to verify their degree can request degree verification through the National Student Clearinghouse site.

There is a fee associated with the enrollment or degree verifications if you access the Clearinghouse site directly and you must have a credit card to pay for the service. 

Registrar Updates

Academic Advisement and Registration Summer and Fall 2015

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- Final exam schedules Spring 2015 - Incomplete grades earned for Cycle B 2014 and Intersession 2015 expire May 14, 2015. Submit your missing coursework to the instructor before the deadline to avoid changing an I to IF. - Commencement May 17, 2015. - Summer classes start May 20, 2015. - Apply for August 2015 graduation by June 26, 2015. Students must apply online at NYITConnect.

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