Add or Drop a Course

The add/drop period for fall and spring is the first two weeks of the semester. Students may add or drop courses without financial penalty during this period as long as the drop does not result in a full withdrawal from courses for the term. A change in courses (not sections) may affect the tuition charged and financial aid eligibility. There is no refund for dropping a course after the start of the third week of the fall or spring semester.

There is no financial penalty to add or drop a summer or intersession course before the first scheduled day of the course. Dropping a summer course during the first and second week of the course will result in 50% tuition refund and dropping after the start of the third week of the course will result in no refund. Dropping an intersession course after the first day of the term will result in no refund.

The add/drop period dates are listed in the Academic Calendar. Students must consult with an advisor and complete an Add/Drop Form (PDF).

Students who drop to zero credits are considered to have fully withdrawn from NYIT and subject to tuition charges in accordance with the withdrawal policy (PDF). Students cannot drop their last class online. Students wishing to drop all classes for a term must submit the Withdrawal From the College Form (PDF) to the Office of the Registrar.    

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